Rubedo your Business

A Suite Of Marketing And Lead Generation Products

From data mining to automated email funnels, Find out how are tools can increase your following base and revenue.

Extract leads

Download your leads

Pull emails from B2B Social Media and Websites with Chrome extension. 


Email all your leads

Send high deliverability cold emails in bulk by adding own SMTP provider and IMAP.

Create Chatbots

Create Chatbots

Custom chatbots for higher engagement and Conversions from Website visitors

More Reviews

Get more Reviews

Install widget to force reviews when visiting your website. 

Marketing Suite for Lead Generation

Find and Pull First Name to Company Name, get your data easily

Upload a CSV with this information: first name, last name, and company name (or domain). 

Lead Generation Software

Forget list of leads, Get custom data to save time and Money

Unlimited Users to Prospect as a Team 

Unlimited Users to Collaborate in Marketing efforts and Lead Generation. Rubedo your business.

Warm-up Server exchange  for higher Deliverability. 

Make your customers sending newsletters or cold emails (send emails until recipients reply) by adding their own SMTP provider and IMAP.

Email Sequence in Cadence to scale your prospecting 

Turn cold emails to hot leads with the power of email scaling at high volume.  Track opens, clicks, bounce, unsubscribe, replies and create nice emailing campaigns in plain text or HTML. 

Rubedo your Business with Unlimited Campaigns. 

Get Higher Conversions with Custom Chatbots 

Automatically chat visitors and capture data from them. You can install a simple widget on your websites to increase reviews and force your visitors to put a review about your website.

All the Prospecting Resources to grow your business

Do you prospect on any inbox? Facebook Messenger, Gmail Inbox, LinkedIn Inbox? Are you tired of copy paste when you are replying or prospecting? 


Perfect for …

All people doing prospecting via email and looking to generate new leads or sales meetings.

– Salespeople

– SDR (sales development representative)

– marketing people

– recruiters (because they need to find emails to find new candidates)

– entrepreneurs

– growth hackers

Perfect tool for B2B and startups to reach global market

Discover sales opportunities and send Unlimited Emails. and fill your funnel. Increase engagement with effective nurturing and automated outreach.​

Try it Free. No Credit Card Required.

Drive new leads and customers 

Scale your prospecting The perfect toolkit to get more leads. It’s very simple to use the products, just register and try the trial on each product.

How to Start:

1 Sign up Free to Rubedo and install Chrome plugin.
2 Go to LinkedIn Search and do your search for people (Premium or Sales Navigator recommended)
3 Add the relevant leads and prospects to your list automatically.
4 Rubedo will find their business emails along with company name, company URL, job title, location etc.