Lead Generation tutorials

All steps and procedures for each feature to using leads.rubedo.ai with ease. 

How to Pull  contacts from your target market 

Learn how to Pull thousands of target contacts within minutes to begin your marketing campaigns.

In this Tutorial, I will demonstrate how to extract B2B Contact using 2 different tools from Leads.Rubedo.ai marketing lead generation software. B2B Companies then the B2B Contacts. The B2B Companies will provide list of company and domains within any country, industry or size.

Then we will copy and paste the extracted domains to the B2B Contacts feature (For up to 1000 domains at a time).

This Data Enrichment method will allow us to get thousands of B2B contact names, titles, emails, and more.

How to find the domains from a list of names?

How to export companies by country, industry and size?

How to pull emails from B2B Social Media

Retrieve live contacts from Professional Social Media.

In this Tutorial I will demonstrate the LinkedIn feature by retrieving contacts in any target market. Extract emails and contacts from B2B social media. Find new leads in one click and create targeted lists. Our system will help you to find leads based on job title, location, country, industry, and company size.

How to Set up Email Campaigns for Unlimited  Send in Autopilot

Three tasks before sending Unlimited email send campaign:

1. Set SMTP

2. Verify emails are accurate and live

3. Upload file 

4. Template set up

Very important to follow couple guidelines for maximum effect. 

1. Timing in seconds 240s – 360s

2. Best if Subject line is a question (For higher rate)

3. Visit and test subject line at https://sendcheckit.com .  Score should be 90 and above

Spammy words (Avoid)

1. Know the List of Spam words

2. Customize the email

3. Macros (Company name, title etc

How to use the CRM and score my leads based on their actions?

Keep monitoring the campaign

If high bounce rate, check the list. Verify emails. Regardless of source of leads, always a good practice to verify all emails before sending


How to Automate  visits and connection requests on B2B Social Media

Grow your network automated

Install the Chrome extension and automate the visits on a search of prospects. Connect automatically with prospects with a personalized message.


Connecting your Sender SMTP

In this tutorial we will explain you: how to see the calendar for a sender and emails scheduled to send in the future.

First locate the tool for the campaigns and open it, you should see the dashboard of the tool like this:

How to Connect to your SMTP (Further Explained)

How to Install Chatbot into Website 

This tutorial in Rubedo.ai is about the actual install of a created chatbot into a Website (ie WordPress). 

Download Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin. 

Copy the Javascript

In the Custom CSS plugin, Add JS Code. Title it something, then paste. 

You can activate and deactivate Chatbot through plug in. 

Connect your SMTP with your Outlook account