How to get more clients and customers

Every business needs customers; it’s as simple as that. And there aren’t too many businesses out there who’d say no to more customers, either. In fact, most of them have trouble figuring out how to get those customers in the first place.I mean, if that weren’t the case, no one would be reading this article, right?

Getting more customers isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think. There are a plethora of ways to get them. Which is precisely what we’ll be covering today. There’s no one-size-fits-all here; every business has its own needs, which is why we’ll be covering the ins and outs for businesses of all types.

You have a lead generation problem when: 

  1. Less than 2 months of money to live to pay bills and run your business. 
  2. Less than 3 good listings in the market
  3. Been at least 10 days since your last listing presentation
  4. If you don’t have a listing appointment scheduled in the next 7 days
  5. Your profits are not double your Cost per lead in PPC Campaigns
  6. 20 motivated leads in your Customer Management System.
  7. Not having a Lead Generation or prospecting system. 
  8. No listings in 60 days 

If we can have a more consistent flow of good sales opportunities and our pipeline. You can model the same strategies presented here. Sales agents / Managers have exp

Step 1. Do the Math 

  1. What is the Sales Projection: Set Goal. Workdowns from here. 
  2. How many actual sales are required to meet Sales Goal
  3. How many leads per month is required to hit number of sales: 

Understanding this math is so key. Keep track of how many leads and opportunities you have to meet sales projection. 

Step 2. Target Ideal Prospect

Your ideal customer profile (ICP). Be clear who exactly you want to do business with. Some of the questions, who is the person we want to go after? What business? Etc. Narrowing down who we want to go after. 

Step 3. Personalize Scale 

An efficient way to personalize and scale different outreach campaigns ie Cold emails , Target outreach on linkedin. Avoid blast emails. Getting to a deep level of personalization and scale to meet volume and sales goals. Requires Both tools like Rubedo. 

Challenge 1. Technical Issues such as Email Deliverability. 

Many tools to do the research and implement the campaign. One of the things to understand technical issues like deliverability of emails. We find many who tried outbound marketing had difficulty getting their emails delivered. One needs to understand Google Spam indicators and how to warm up own SMTP server and maintain reputation to avoid the spam box. Make sure your email is not perceived as spam. 

Challenge 2. What follow up looks like 

Challenge 3. Testing and Reporting

Always be testing. What works tomorrow, may not work tomorrow. Split testing everything. Make sure the data is making the decision. Once the data is . What we are doing will Let the data decide 

If you are a sales leader or company founder, and this is a process you think your sales force requires to generate more leads and business, then start a free trial with Rubedo. Try it free and get more leads fast .

Let’s talk about Cold Email: People already think Cold-Email is dead. People have been using emails for decades now. Emails have been around for decades, and people will continue to use emails as a form of communication. Primary goal to book meetings or Demo’s with 5-10 mil. For mas efficiency. 

Zeke Founder of – Zemarc Corporation, Los Angeles

“I am so excited to share. You can wrap your head around, see business growth with cold email. 

Send 55 emails to leads, 94.5% Open Rate, 7.55 Rate to book a meeting 

Time to book meetings, and close business. “

Cold Outreach as a method of bringing in new business. 

Content is important. Does that offset the need for outbound cold email outreach? 

As we develop, and new techniques come along, they respond to outreach. There is a place for everything. Cold outreach is part of the overall package of the marketing machine. Most people don’t actually like prospecting, and cold outreach. They don’t like doing it and get neglected. 

The Research before GTM Implementation

The Results are as good as the research you do at the start of the process. If you determine what it is that is a benefit, therefore you know who will benefit the most from that benefit, then you can find those individuals. If it is relevant information, then people take notice. Without research, you don’t know who you are selling and to whom, who gets the benefit, then finding them, to give the message. 

If you want to start a cold email outreach campaign to target your prospective buyers or influencers, you will first need to have their email address.  For anyone doing this at scale, the first thing you will need is a list of live and verified emails. You will usually use a tool like that provides a list of live emails (Extraction and Enrichment) of contact data from Websites and Social Media.