Are you a web developer or an SEO expert? A quick one: What could you do if you had access to 100K newly registered domain daily?

Newly registered domains present a perfect opportunity for professionals in that space. A newly registered domain will most likely require the following services. The question is how do you find the domains that have just been registered. Sit back, at the end of the article you will have an access to that.

  1. A website development and design.
  2. SEO Audit
  3. Custom strategy
  4. Off-page optimization
  5. On-page optimization
  6. Monthly reports
  7. Progressive optimization

These are service that a newly registered domain will require. Most people may not even be aware that they need such services but, it’s upon your business to present your case and let them see the need for the services and why they need to order the same.

How and where do you get to know the newly domains?

Go to Rubedo and register a free. Then go to ‘download new companies registered’
You will find this.

With such amount of domains, what more do you need? You should be able to get several clients from there.

After you download the data, you would want to remove those that are not with your target and sieve them out.

What next?

Still on Rubedo you may want to send a cold email campaign from there as the tool offers powerful email marketing campaign features that you may never find anywhere else in the planet. Look at this;

What more do you need?

Nothing more just dive in.