Your lead management process is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Think about it: Marketing generates qualified leads, passes them seamlessly and efficiently to sales, and sales/marketing processes them through to close. Your process is a combination of people, process, and technology: a shared capability for marketing and sales.

What’s Required for Lead Management: 

Qualified Leads, Qualification Criteria, Metrics to Measure, Key Questions

Qualified Leads:

Defining a sales lead as qualified basically means that they are qualified to talk to a sales representative. This is a prospect that has a high likelihood to buy and is ready for sales engagement. Qualified sales leads are different Marketing Leads. One element of a qualified lead consists of the Product market fit. This is the aspect of qualifying a lead that is based on the product or service. This should be based on historic trends about what products they have used and identifying their needs. IT also may relate to individuals or decision makes in the process. A tool like Rubedo has powerful features that will help in the qualification of leads. The scoring parameters will aid in that.

Level of Engagement 

The other element of a qualified lead is the level of engagement during the sales process as they consider a purchase decision. It also may relate to individuals or decision-makers in the process. Personal / professional relationships can be developed with key decision-makers. 

Lastly, is the lead the primary decision maker? 

Essential Qualification Criteria must-haves

Clear Product Market “fit”

Engaged Contact 

Potential to become an active account




Metrics to Measure

Potential to become an active account within the next 12 to 36 months.

Personal / Professional relationships can be developed with decision-makers.

Reach or engagement agreement/rate – the actual number of opportunities the lead qualification team was able to engage with or reach and their performance against the target reach rate.

Qualification rate: the actual number of opportunities the team qualified that actually met the qualification criteria and was added to the sales funnel. 

Conversion rate: the speed at which the qualified leads the team adds to the pipeline and the value of these leads as well as how this number compares to the target and other avenues in which qualified leads are added to the pipeline. 

Win Rate: The actual number of the lead qualification’s team opportunities that convert to customers. 

Key Questions:

How do we identify quality leads? 

What is the funding level?

What tool will we use to generate the leads?

Potential to become an active account within the next 12 to 36 months?

What does the qualification process look like ie SF set up? How the qualifier will make the contact, log the calls, codes, how to connect activity to a marketing campaign. Etc. ??

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