Crash Course for Lead Generation Skills and Results

Now you understand the ins and outs of lead generation, you can begin to put those concepts into action. This article is a crash course for your email marketing skills and results. It also contains resources and references to mastering email marketing for lead generation quickly and efficiently.

Lead Temperature – 4 Different types of leads

Cold Leads 

Someone who has never been to your site before or who has shown no interest in your brand. They are in the correct demographic for your marketing and you have the means to contact them.

Warm Leads

 A lead that is Warm is said to be an enquirer or a person that showed some interest to learn about your product or service. This means they have liked you on Facebook, or they have subscribed to your mailing list.

Qualified lead

They showed interest in buying. They might have requested a quote for instance, or added an item to their cart on your ecommerce store.

Customer: Someone who has bought from you. Your job is to make sure they come back for more! Some Concepts From the Book These are the important concepts and terms you need to remember from our lead generation lessons.

CLV: Customer Lifetime

Value  that a customer offers to you over their lifetime. This is very important because you’re trying to build repeat loyal customers.

Lead Conversion tools and methods

Re-targeting ads

Re-targeting is a type of online marketing service that reminds visitors through various ads who visited your site. Sometimes, this can be enough to convert those highly qualified leads that are ready to buy.

Sales Pitch and Content

You can convert leads to customers more frequently by using a sales page, persuasive content, or by using a special deal to create urgency and scarcity. Lead Scoring: Very important aspect of CRM software. Constant Email follow ups until they reach the point where they’re likely to be able to buy. This strategy alone will increase customer engagement.

CRM as a tool to convert

CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Management’ and it allows you to do all manner of things that will help with your lead generation and engagement. Essentially, this feature provides data with your leads. Categorize your leads for segmentation and personalization. This will organize your prospecting campaigns better. Please check out one of the best tools that helps us do that in house here for free.

Buyer Persona

This is the person that you are targeting with your campaign. Profile your imaginary ideal customer as though they were a real person and then you’ll be better able to reach them and market to them.

Mission Statement:

Your mission statement is your goal as a business – the why behind what you do. This is what helps you to create a brand that people can get behind and it’s how you build lifetime customers.


Customer Lifetime Value. This is the value of a customer to your business over their entire interaction with you. That should be more than just one purchase!

Value Proposition

Value proposition is the value you offer to customers. How do your products/services make their lives better? Focusing on this will help you make sales. Creating Email Lists The best way to convert cold leads into warm leads is to get them to sign up for your mailing list. This way, you can now contact them until they are interested to buy.

The best place to get information about email marketing is from MOZ. You can find a lot of great posts explaining the process here.