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Why Rubedo.ai is the best lead generation website for contractors

For large jobs such as renovation projects or construction, decisions are not made overnight. Business owners, homeowners, landlords, and property managers want to trust those managing their projects to ensure good work is done at a fair cost. In order to build such trust and sign more contracts, you must have a contractor lead generation strategy. In essence, getting leads for contractors is more than just launching an ad campaign. Many business owners believe that paying for a spot on billboards or the local television station would be a game-changer and cause phone calls to pour in fast. There is a need for a strategy because while you can create an in-house strategy for generating contractor leads, you can engage some of the best lead generation companies such as Rubedo.ai to attract high-value leads at an affordable cost to your business. As you engage Rubedo.ai, you can learn how to become independent of our company by employing a digital marketing strategy and proven techniques that bring valuable leads to your business.

Why Rubedo.ai is the best

With no clear and defined lead generation strategy, construction companies and contractors cannot identify and locate their target audience online. For this reason, they struggle as they generate quality traffic on their website that can easily be converted into quote requests or sales appointments. Marketing teams measure the number of leads when they want to determine their lead generation campaign success. On the other hand, business owners and sales teams focus on the quality of the lead. Quality is about those intending to purchase your products and service and the means of doing so.

Rubedo.ai allows local businesses to customize, claim, and control their listings on the local search results. The website is among the best tools for generating free leads and reaching those users actively in search of local contractors.  By signing up for Rubedo.ai, account users can gain business tools, customer reviews, and platform analytics. The following services offered by Rubedo.ai are a perfect suite for contractors.

  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing service offered by Rubedo.ai. It’s simple to manage, ensures you have control, and allows for direct contact you’re your customers. You should understand much of the successes with email marketing for Rubedo is depended on the email marketing softwares. The software is what ensures that emails are delivered. As such, you have to be careful so that you do not end up paying more for fewer marketing features while getting terrible email deliverability rates that could make you lose more money.

An effective email marketing service has enabled Rubedo to create highly engaging email newsletters whose interface can easily be used. Rubedo email marketing services have made it possible to send bulk emails which are personalized and targeted without difficulties.

Further, Rubedo’s email marketing services have ensured an easy way of managing contact lists, segmenting users into various groups, and tracking the performance of email marketing campaigns. An efficient email service provider ensures your email campaigns do not get into the spam folder.

  • Data-Driven Marketing

At Rubedo.ai, contractors can learn about data-driven marketing which is currently the back-born of many businesses. Social media channels and widespread utilization of devices means we live in a data-rich environment. Companies have taken advantage of big data in gathering the information that users have left online to target and inform their marketing communication.

Rubedo.ai provides the tools that assist gain data-driven marketing insights.Itis a complex exercise owing to various forms of data supposed to be linked. For this reason, specific analysis and reporting tools help companies’ collection, structuring, and evaluating data. There is a need to monitor the right KPIs in the respective channels using web analytics and social media analysis tools, marketing automation tools, and customer relationship management systems (CRM).  

  • Chatbot solutions to capture leads

Digital services are in high demand and customers are interacting with businesses outside working hours with expectations of finding solutions without delay. Additionally, marketing teams are actively looking for new ways of optimizing customer experiences to boost their online lead generation. This is where chatbot solutions to capture leads offered by Rubedo come into play.

Chatbots offer a conversational way where businesses can convert website traffic into sales-qualified leads and provide support 24/7. They automate conversations between businesses and customers. Build on machine learning and AI or through simple drag-and-drop interfaces, they use a conversational approach to gather information from customers and guide them to the buying process or qualify leads.

  • Generating Social Proof Notifications

Social proof notifications generated by Rubedo enable websites to reach out to customers in innovative ways. The notifications target those who have not noticed you had liked, interacted with, or made comments on your website.  A single notification can make social media users feel better inclined to again interact with your website and subscribe to your email newsletter. However, these notifications should not be abused because when they become frequent they are considered spamming.

Social proof notifications can be used in different settings for encouraging pro-social behaviors. The notifications are designed in such a way that they mimic social proof that people experience when around others but have not spoken. Again, they offer evidence that other people did the same thing as those viewing the notification. Hence, it can feel rewarding, particularly for those who are skeptical or uncertain about taking or not taking a particular action.


Some businesses such as e-commerce stores complete their transactions without continuous communication. However, it is a different story for building or renovation contractors. Contractors have to gain the trust of property owners and be assured that they can meet their needs. Again, a company should prove that it’s reliable in finalizing a project within a given budget.  Due to competition for a target market, a contractor should do what is possible in making their potential clients see the worth of getting in touch. There is a need for a perfect balance between a hard sales pitch and generic messages. However, overdoing either result in not gaining new clients at all. This is where Rubedo. ai comes in because lead generation for contractors is necessary. It allows a contractor to focus on qualified leads, saving time and effort. Rubedo.ai will help you learn more about lead generation and when your target market knows about your business, they have more interest in hiring you.  

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