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Telemarketing Lead Generation

Telemarketing has been overlooked and at times frowned upon because it can be annoying. However, if telemarketing lead generation is done rightly, it can help create a healthy stream of sales opportunities. Telemarketing lead generation is the process of gaining leads through telemarketing. The leads are generated by sending emails, cold calling, or face-to-face conversations. It happens when customers are called without knowledge of whether they have an interest in a product for the first time. The outcome of leads generated through telemarketing varies, but this approach is often immediate and direct. Again, telemarketing has its downside in that many people hang up on telemarketers or think of them as downright annoying.

Why you should choose telemarketing lead generation

Telemarketers easily develop connections with customers that cannot be attained with email marketing or plain messaging. Additionally, telemarketing offers a more interactive and personal approach while helping to successfully reach out to customers. Telemarketing lead generation should be chosen because it makes it a lot easier for telemarketers to maintain contact with customers and make follow-ups. Further, telemarketers bring in qualified leads that increase sales considering that telemarketers have been trained on the best approach to customers through proper attitude, tone of voice, and knowledge of the company. They represent your company during those calls and as they speak to your customers, you assure them that they have their best foot forward in all the calls.  

Telemarketing is a People-powered lead generation

Business development professionals have perfected the art of phone calls. A business development team is managed by an all-star team composed of project managers. The managers identify their target audience while crafting a message that targets your products and services for your audiences. Once a project has kicked off, a team of professionals provides a report and maintains a compiled report of the leads generated. Telemarketers work hard in delivering customer value. The customer experience team works together with the business development team in executing telemarketing projects that delight and WOW.

Outbound Lead Generation for B2B

Telemarketing efforts can be divided into two main sections. One is by calling using a list and generating lead reports or business intelligence, handed to your team to make some calls as a matter of follow-up. An expectation is set on the leads to be delivered based on list size, passes, products, and services being called about. The campaigns are built out and then priced depending on the number of passes into the contacts in the list. Telemarketing can be done in a conference call setting campaign where a guaranteed number of leads are set for delivery. There is also an attempt to set a conference call with the leads generated.

Successful Telemarketing Lead Generation Requires

  1. A Plan

A lot of research is needed. Research about your target market, its size, its type, and what else you believe is necessary for outreach. Do not call everyone. Choose your target market and study it, then plan a good strategy for approaching your customers. You can organize your leads using the LeadFuze system for lead generation, then group them accordingly so that it’s clear where your focus should be. Moreover, LeadFuze helps you in choosing the best and more specific leads through market-based searches. This way, it becomes easy to group your leads. You need to go through various filters in order to zero in on those leads you might want to reach. It is crazy specific but it’s possible to find those people who could match these criteria:

  • An organization in the banking industry or financial services
  • A company with 10 employees or more.
  • An organization that spends money on Adwords
  • That uses Hubspot
  • Build a good relationship with your customers

You have to know the name of your customers and give them a listening heart. Additionally, you have to show them that you are taking note of their needs and wants and that you can provide. Customers always appreciate those who relate with them and can talk to them casually or politely. There is a need to stay professional even when situations are hard. Most customers find telemarketers annoying and therefore you should remain the bigger person when they tell you no. Customers with a good experience come back, hence you must create a good rapport.

  • Use a Good Script

You have to create a script that works. In essence, impromptu calls do not always end well. For this reason, ensure you have a good script to follow. Practice the script, listen to it and think from the perspective of your customer. If you think the script is enticing enough, use it as the basis for your calls but do not just rely on it. Customers are not the same, hence a lot deviate from one script to the other, which is okay. You should be creative. Practice with friends or co-workers because they can assist you to gauge the call flow.

  • Deal with Bad Calls

It is not always smooth sailing. Many times you will encounter bad calls which are also okay. Do not take bad calls a lot personally. Move on to the next one. You have to take the calls positively and as a learning experience so that you can do even better the next time.

  • Be Prepared

Other than research and script, the other thing that you should prepare in telemarketing is yourself. Get what you need. Do your research about customers, the company, and its offers. Ensure you know them like you know the back of your hand so that you can successfully handle unexpected questions. And with preparedness comes confidence. You should shake off any anxiety through practice, breathing, and staying calm.


If utilized properly, telemarketing can tremendously improve your business. It is one efficient method to acquire realistic and significant business contacts or leads and is an effective marketing tool. Some of the most notable advantages of telemarketing lead generation include the reduction of operational costs, boosting your sales, providing more interactive sales service, expanding your business reach, and ensuring immediate feedback on products and services. Although telemarketing is often an overlooked method of lead generation, it is among the most effective. It’s a skill that you could adopt if you want to improve sales and grow your company. As a marketer, achieve your goal of driving more leads by deploying the best telemarketing tools and strategies.

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