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Services one Can offer as an Email Marketing Freelancer.


Email marketing is the best, most cost-effective, and time-saving tool for freelancers to build their businesses. If you want to reach a wide audience while maintaining a level of personal touch, this article is the best for you. In essence, increasing the number of clients should be an ongoing priority for freelancers. Hence, it is not a surprise to see tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, design your portfolio, or even hacks for using Instagram or Facebook in order to attract clients. There is no other cost-effective way of getting more clients than email marketing. An email marketing strategy captures and nurtures prospects until they see the value in your service. It is one of the great ways of flexing marketing muscles while at the same time gaining qualified clients. The following are some of the services to offer as an email marketing freelancer.

  1. Email List Building

As an email marketing freelancer email list building is a key service to offer. List building refers to the process through which an email address can be collected from visitors or website users. This is done so as to grow a subscriber database while empowering business communication with existing or prospective clients. Email list building is considered an important strategy for marketers with reports showing that 59 percent of consumers agree that marketing emails negatively or positively impact their decisions on purchasing. Further, 80% of business professionals agree that email marketing increases customer retention. Essentially, an engaged email list is considered the best asset since it’s part of the owned media such as media channels your business controls. Some of the benefits associated with owned media include being immune to sudden changes in algorithm, shaping your storytelling, and having a better reach compared to paid media. It’s also cost-effective. Email list building can be a complex task. You cannot establish one form for lead capture then expect that you will generate hundreds of subscribers at once. Hence, building an efficient email list needs patience and most importantly, strategy. Rubedo gives you a chance to get more than 15+ million targeted emails B2B emails and from LinkedIn as well.

  • Email Automation

An email marketing freelancer can adequately do email automation. This refers to the ability of sending time and action-triggered email messages to your subscribers with the right information. Ideally, automation is used for various marketing purposes. It triggers a workflow to nurture new leads and birthday greetings to add on a personal touch, or an automated blogs update. The use of automation especially in email campaigns is among the most effective methods you can communicate with your prospective followers and customers with genuine interests while following on the updates for a brand or business. Using an email automation tool can help you generate leads to promote sales and revenues. Therefore, email automation helps you get valuable insights into the needs and wants of your targeted audience. This ensures you gain a more understanding of the preferred demographics. Further, you can streamline your strategy of email automation through various automation hacks for more and better engagement such as website tracking snippet, segment builders and segment-triggered automation.  Rubedo crm helps a person to know which leads have high score so that one can prioritize them.

  • Warming up SMTP

An email marketing freelancer can effectively do a warming up of SMTP. A warming SMTP has many advantages. When your campaign is cold, the most important thing is the delivery of your emails. Reports indicate more than 20% of emails do not reach their intended inbox. As such, when you begin a campaign with a cold IP, their emails will be blocked. Inboxing is hard for new emails if they are not prewarmed because most emails send marked as spam. Hence, upon starting a new campaign, you should avoid a serious cold email outreach. Ensure to use warmup services for your emails.

IP or email warm-up increases your IP reputation and particularly for a new one or that which has not been used for a long period. As such, the goal of email warmup is to ensure your reputation is increased and gain trust from email services. It further increases the possibility of your emails reaching your subscriber’s inbox.

Email service providers often count bulk emails emanating from new IPs as spam, hence your emails will end up in the spam folder. An IP warming service protects your emails from going to spam. Pre-warming service continue warming your IPs to ensure your emails do not stay in the spam folder.

A prewarmed email uses a complete and verifiable warming method in sending and delivering excellent emails in the inbox and ensures SMTP and Ips’ reputations are good. Again, you do not have to worry that your emails will go to spam when the email is prewarmed.

Rubedo offers a robust tool that helps in adding multiple SMTPS for warm-up.

Rubedo.ai SMTP warm-up
  • Extracting emails from LinkedIn and Websites and B2B

An email marketing freelancer can effectively extract emails from social media and websites and B2B. For sales representatives, growth hackers, recruiters, or founders, social media is one of the best places you can find potential customers or even hire an employee.  You can extract emails` from social media and websites as well as B2B companies. Some of the most effective ways of extracting emails from main social media include the use of Rubedo.ai which helps you extract the email address and phone numbers of the prospects while saving all the results in the list. The list of prospects can then be exported in an Excel sheet or CSV file.

  • Email Management

Email management is a service that an email marketing freelancer can do very well for many is about devolving simply into the removal of emails from the server and saving them into the repository. However, this isn’t enough because doing it right involves classification, storage, and destruction of emails in a manner which is consistent with other established standards and policies of doing business as it happens for other kinds of records and documents. It also involves creating automations, creating email copies, creating email marketing systems and any other process that is involved in an email marketing campaign. Most people don’t have the time to manage their campaigns and thus can outsource this to email marketing freelancers.


Freelancers ought to be ready to expand their email marketing services by diversifying their portfolios. Other than email marketing you can visit Rubedo.ai to read more about generating social proof notifications, online review management tools, chatbot solutions to capture leads, data extraction, getting the registered domains, and much more.

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