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Outbound Marketing: How to Grow Your Business with Outbound Email Marketing Strategies


Outbound email is sent by sales representatives and business developers as a platform for establishing a connection with those they have identified as potential customers. Email outbound is often useful for B2B businesses but not for contacting anyone or all those coming our way. The brewing debate within the marketing community is whether email marketing in its entirety qualifies as outbound or inbound marketing. If you understand the key differences between the two and their application particularly in digital marketing strategy, it can help attract leads and even communicate with subscribers in need of your content. When you purchase email lists or send cold emails prospects, they both qualify to be referred to as outbound email marketing. Other marketers say certain emails such as re-engagement campaigns qualify for outbound marketing considering they reach out to subscribers and ask them for engagement with your content. But if your subscribers have asked to receive information from you via email, such campaigns qualify as inbound marketing. Successful outbound email marketing campaigns employ a majority of the same strategies that have proved successful for inbound email marketing.

How to Grow Your Business with Outbound Email Marketing Strategies

Good marketing strategies are important if you are keen on growing your business but deciding on which works best for you could be a challenging task. You can grow your business with outbound email marketing strategies by:

  1. Creating a Customer Persona

Before you develop a marketing strategy, you should first create an ideal customer persona. Through this, you can understand your customers and prospects even better. Additionally, it allows you to curate your services, content, product development, and messaging services in order to meet the specific demands for your target audience, issues, and behaviors. Some key tips for consideration as you create a customer persona for your business include:

  • Browsing through customer databases to particularly discover trends that relate to your customers and lead behaviors towards your content.
  • Utilizing form fields for collecting essential personal information for customers
  • Knowing feedback and experiences from your team on leads and customers they often interact with and asking them for generalizations.
  • Interviewing the existing and prospective customers as an approach to uncover their most preferred about your products, services, and brand.
  • Lead Generation

By far, lead generation is among the most effective ways of succeeding in outbound sales marketing. For startups and small businesses in need of more qualified leads in their pipeline, they can engage LinkedIn Sales Navigator and ZoomInfo. These are some of the best lead generation tools today. When you have your ideal customer in mind, leverage these tools as you look for some qualified prospects to better match your products and services. The other method of generating leads is the use of referral programs. These are top foolproof techniques of generating leads since they encourage people to promote your brand and receive a perk for each lead converted.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing involves the use of social media forums in promoting a product or service for your brand. It allows marketers and business owners to communicate and engage customers to reach new audiences that would probably become paying customers. Through social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s possible to create business relationships that promote your products and services. This ensures your services are promoted to provide valuable content and work proof to potential customers. Another great way of generating business-to-business (B2B) leads is paid ads on LinkedIn. After figuring out your target audiences, set an InMail campaign that lands on hundreds of potential customers’ inboxes, customers who may be looking for your products or services.

  • Cold Email Marketing

Cold email marketing is enhanced through the creation of attention-grabbing and great-quality emails. Doing this entices people to open your email and also visit your company’s website. Create high-quality emails whose headline is attention-grabbing.  Additionally, once you’ve sent the emails, make a follow-up of prospective customers as you track their open rate. And in case of recipients have opened your email or toured your website but did not ask to make a purchase, you need to again promote your brand by retargeting your ads. However, be careful not to push away your potential customers. Ensure you do not bombard their inboxes with your cold emails. Doing this might be your easy way into their spam or worse still blocked email addresses. Thus, keep track of certain metrics including click rate, open rate, and unsubscribers as a way of measuring the quality of your content and adjusting and improving where necessary.

  • Participating in Online Communities

It might not have received enough recognition in marketing particularly during this digital era. Participation in online communities can deliver many advantages to businesses. For instance, it encourages brands to create products and services that are better. Some of the online communities that are great networks for you to have an overview of your product or service and allow for an evaluation on how your customers are receiving your brand include forums, Facebook groups, and internet communities. Through this information, you can improve on your offerings and brand and establish partnerships while taking advantage of your networking opportunities with other business owners operating in the same industry. This way you can grow and significantly strengthen your brand. Again, you can promote your product and service if you offer valuable content to the community and reach out to those in need of your service.


Outbound email marketing strategies can be incorporated into the inbound marketing strategy to grow a business more efficiently and on time. Today’s consumer is more selective in their choice of organizations and brands to purchase. As such, you have to be concise as you tell them why they should consider you as their best choice. Outbound email marketing provides you with an opportunity to do so. Through this, it’s possible to give solutions to your consumers even before they ask. If outbound email marketing is done efficiently, it could convert your prospects into customers and turn one-time customers into your loyal fans. The impact on your business would be huge.

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