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Local Lead Generation Strategies

Among the greatest challenges that face brick & mortar or service area businesses is their ability to generate leads. In the past, yellow pages worked, advertisements in the local papers were something while direct mail could draw customers in large numbers. However, the game has now shifted. Most of these traditional methods used in marketing are no longer effective. For this reason, any business keen on standing out in the highly competitive environment today must adopt a well-planned, online local lead generation plan if it’s going to have a fighting chance. Solid local lead generation strategies are invaluable assets for businesses of all sizes and shapes. Local businesses should leverage and construct an effective lead generation infrastructure. Fundamentally, local lead generation is a category of lead generation. The same concepts useful in lead generation apply to the local lead generation and within certain parameters. Below are important strategies you can use in the context of local lead generation.

Use of targeted Facebook lead ads

With more than 2.41 billion users together with its unparalleled capabilities in targeting, Facebook remains one of the best ways for the local business people to search and find leads. There are several options when it comes to lead generation through Facebook.

  • You should run your ads with an objective of “conversion” and at the same time send all those who click to a landing page that you have created on the website from where they can submit contact details.
  • You should be running a Facebook lead ad. Prospective leads would scroll through the Facebook News Feed. They would then see the ad you have posted and click on the button, call for action.  A form would open within that ad and right into the News Feed and a prospective lead would fill in contact details. Finally, the lead would then submit their information and the information is then automatically sent to CRM which was previously integrated.

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to the process through which your firm’s visibility is expanded particularly on the organic search results on engines such as Google. The ultimate goal is to drive more visitors to your company’s website and increase the chances of getting many conversions. If your ranking is good on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), you are good for local lead generation. However, ranking at the local level is a different process compared to ranking nationally. And to gather information related to local search, a search engine would depend on signals like social profile pages, local contents, citations, or links that provide the most relevant local results to a user. Several strides are necessary for ensuring the local SEO strategy is effective and optimal. They include improvement of the internal linking structures for your site, ensuring the website is mobile-friendly, engaging clients on social media platforms, and ensuring consistency of contact information online.

Local SEM

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to the use of paid advertisement in ensuring the visibility of your business products or services in the SERPs. For instance, if a user types a particular keyword, SEM enables your business to appear for that query. It is a process that places a targeted advertisement on the search engine pages. Businesses of all sizes can leverage this practice which provides an excellent avenue to ensure local companies can generate leads. Just like SEO, targeted search engine ads are often rooted in search interests. This means highly ranked SEM ads can bring in engaged prospects. Hence, your position is good for generating local and interested leads when your ad placement ranks well for the regional search inquiries.

Creating a Localized Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive that gets prospective leads trading their contact details. Creating a lead magnet is one of the leading ways of generating leads. More specifically, establish a generic lead magnet that appeals to all within your targeted market in your local area. Some examples of localized lead magnet ideas include a complete guide on estate planning and a complete guide to buying or selling or flipping a home or apartment in a local area. Another localized lead magnet idea is a complete guide on buying a second-hand car and a guide to a perfect road trip. The formating of various lead magnets will depend on you. These can be email-gated videos, webinars, and pdf ebooks.

Running a local contest/Giveaway

Among the reliable ways of generating exclusive local leads is running a contest to give away a price for your area. A contest is almost similar to a lead magnet and provides reasons why prospective customers should give their contact details. Such a strategy gives them an opportunity of winning a prize. As you run a local contest or giveaway, the best single practice that can make the difference is to give away a prize that relates to the product or service you deal with. Essentially, a single lead becoming a customer is better compared to 100 leads who do not. Just like a blog or social media subscribers, lead numbers are often a metric of vanity. You may get fewer leads for giving away a prize that directly relates to your business but the leads could be of so much worth for your business.

Social Media

Social media platforms are highly visited today and the impact they have on the local businesses cannot be wished away. They allow people to know, trust, and like your business. For a business whose social media following is enough, these platforms are a great source of local leads. Hence, social media is among the best mediums for advertisements, particularly in the world of digital marketing. However, you have no control or do not own the platform. It means then if social media platforms decide to change their rules or restrict businesses’ reach on it, there is nothing to do. They can even ban you for doing something contrary to their ever-changing regulations. For this reason, make good use of social media platforms but do not rely 100% on them. It can fail you.


Marketing has and continues to change. Local businesses should embrace and adapt to the new digital marketing strategies to generate new sales. There is no doubt that local lead generation is crucial for business success. Leads are needed if you have to make sales because, without sales, a business cannot be considered viable. You can visit Rubedo to learn more about lead generation for technology companies, digital marketing strategy-an integrated approach to online marketing, services you can offer as an email marketing freelancer, the future of digital marketing, email marketing for beginners, and how to start an online business among others.

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