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Lead Generation Using Artificial Intelligence

Lead generation techniques have and still are a critical component for marketers and businesses that wish to grow. Increasing lead generation is about raising brand awareness through potential customer engagement and guiding them until they become real customers. When done rightly, lead generation tactics can build strong relationships with those qualified clients willing to invest for a long time in your company. There are many tactics for enhancing lead generation but this article will deconstruct an effective Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered lead generation tactics to maximize the efforts in attracting and converting qualified leads. If you ask any B2B marketer about their biggest challenge concerning lead generation they will most likely tell you of their struggle in generating leads. This is where AI comes in. It’s a system that understands natural language, responds to questions raised, and handles more than 27,000 conversions in several languages simultaneously.

AI is part of our everyday lives and an ideal opportunity of utilizing numerous AI lead generation tools for your business. Machine learning and AI are not a passing trend because they can be found virtually in all the aspects of present-day business like marketing and advertising. AI progression is expected to revolutionize the process of lead generation. The technology has dominated in extricating insights on leads from marketing and sales data. Certain AI-powered tools often utilize the information in disclosing more about customers and prospects. Others use AI for discovering new prospects and prescribing which existing lead should be sought next. More than $2.6 trillion in business value would be explored in sales and marketing in the coming years. It means marketers deploying AI can accelerate their careers and companies by building an upper hand in innovation, especially regarding lead generation and conversions. 

AI Lead-Generation Technologies & Why Marketers Deploying AI Have an Upper Hand in Lead Generation and Conversion

AI lead-generation technologies extract meaningful intelligence and insights from massive market research data sets. The technologies can also examine transaction data, customer profiles, and behavioral data from different sources such as marketing automation platforms, CRM, and social media. Also, they use real-time data in determining the optimal customer profile. AI lead-generation technologies analyze some of the best technological stacks in order to entice prospects and suggest the communication style that helps in completing transactions.

  1. Automated Email Campaigns

AI-enabled frameworks are utilized in setting up automated email campaigns that are driven by customer information and behaviors. Such kind of innovations utilize order history, browsing behaviors, and user interests when making and sending automated emails in case of pre-decided trigger occasions. Automated email campaigns have a higher open rate due to their optimized content and titles, and accurate mailing times, particularly at a time when clients can check their emails. Automated email campaigns anchored on lead generation market research and behaviors can be built up through AI-powered platforms. User interests, order history, and browsing patterns are useful in constructing and sending automatic emails especially when pre-determined trigger events happen.

  • Conversational Chatbots

Conversational chatbots learn from every new interaction in order to persistently improve their performance. Chatbots answer various client inquiries at once without exhaustion. On the other hand, smart chatbots utilize NLP in addressing questions logically as they drive prospects to FAQs or interface them to human agents if required. Many organizations use chatbots for lead prospecting. As they pose a bunch of pre-programmed questions, a chatbot decides whether a prospect has an interest in your product or not before they can pass them to the sales agent. Chatbots begin pro-active conversations with your customers to control them around your site or even propose things about upselling depending on the browsing history.

  • Lead Validation

This is an essential step in the process of lead generation. Just like lead scoring, lead validation usually audits all the potential leads that come in through form fills, and phone calls and isolates them by sales and non-sales leads. Prospective customers convert into clients and submit real data and requests using forms or calls. Non-prospective customers generally send spam, sales, and unimportant materials. And to eliminate the time spent on sorting such data, advertisers use AI in the process of lead validation. AI can help analyze submitted information, the same way is done for names and telephone numbers, then compare with publicly accessible sources and international databases.       

  • Sales Pipeline Quality Improvement

AI assists in improving the overall pipeline quality. It has predictive power, hence can tell your sales and advertising pro those actions that work best and sheds light on some of the best strategies if you want to sell more. The result is a powerful and proficient marketing and sales pipeline leading to an increase in income and a decrease in expenses. AI can assist you to analyze sales conversions while precisely revealing what factors push ahead your pipeline.

  • Lead Segmentation that is accurate

Every lead generation marketing campaign’s effectiveness is hinged on accurate lead segmentation. Segmenting refers to the process through which you break your audience into groups based on their interaction, behavior, and demographics among other factors to send messages to people with similar needs and interests. Through AI, it’s possible to segment your buyers in order to create a highly customized marketing campaign on basis of recurring patterns of behavior. For instance, you can use AI in designing a lead generation marketing campaign for certain demographics like women of a certain age. Further, you can segment your prospects based on information they viewed on your website or the links clicked as you provide related information to ensure they are engaged.

  • Recreate Previous Success

AI-powered lead generation platforms utilize machine learning algorithms in developing market intelligence through an examination of lead generation data for hundreds of businesses and identify some of the best-fit leads for your business based on pre-defined criteria. The platforms also discover prospects fit for your customer profiles, hence a steady stream of quality leads.


AI lead-generating strategies are intuitive tech tools that can organically boost your efforts in lead generation. Procedures in AI-led generation can customize and improve your behavior and perception of your leads particularly in the sales and marketing mindset. AI lead generation software can be used as a digital strategy to lock in those leads engaged, interested, and addicted to your brand. The future of lead generation lies in AI. Read more about lead generation for technology companies, digital marketing strategy-an integrated approach to online marketing, services you can offer as an email marketing freelancer, the future of digital marketing, email marketing for beginners, and how to start an online business among others by visiting Rubedo.

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