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Lead generation for technology companies


As technology advances, opportunities for inspiring entrepreneurs are becoming countless. It is great news particularly if you own a tech company or you are a marketer. Additionally, it means your potential customers have many options to look at before they reach out for more information. And if you want customers to choose your option, you should have a strategy to attract qualified leads. With a reliable lead generation strategy, your company can get more of these contacts. The main purpose of lead generation is to attract serious potential buyers and not just those interested in your products and services. You need to be more interested in those likely to purchase in the near future. To get attention from the prospects, give them a good reason why they should get in touch with you. Lead generation for technology companies is considered an essential part of their marketing process. You need to put the following strategies in place in order to get the most from your audience and drive your lead generation efforts.

  1. Build engaging landing pages for your website

People will visit your website irrespective of what your lead campaign or ad is all about. Essentially, the website is the company’s digital identity, and the more reason it should be well designed. The same case applies to your landing page which needs to be optimized and well-designed to attract leads and provide a good browsing experience. Again, ensure your website opens first and is also optimized for phones. Your landing page should align with the campaign because the motive of your campaign should be getting people to be your leads by providing you with their contact information. This happens when your landing page is attractive and well-designed. Some important design tips that you can follow to make your landing page better include sticking to one objective, making a focused copy, looking for numerous templates for your landing page, using the right colors, having a compelling headline, and creating relatable content. Other design tips are improving readability through correct fonts and short paragraphs, optimizing content mostly above the fold, ensuring a persuasive CTA in a prominent place, using videos when explaining complex data, adding links to the social media accounts, displaying social proof, designing shorter forms, using two-step sign-ups, adding countdown timers for compelling visitors to your web, displaying FAQ section, and adding exit intent pop-ups for driving lead generation.

  • Set Objectives

Before drafting a lead generation strategy for your technology company, think about some of the objectives and key results you need to achieve. Setting these objectives helps align your strategic goals and measure progress across the organization. Digital natives tend to use OKRs methodology to get everyone moving in the same direction. It works well since it’s a fast-paced and simple process that can engage each team. Set the objectives, track them, and re-evaluate at least quarterly if need be. Do not be afraid and adopt a framework to meet your needs. You can take a lesson from a system like Spotify which experienced hyper-growth and realized that OKRs were slowing them down. This tech company decided not to set OKRs at an individual level but instead set its priorities at the corporate level while letting its team decide on the best way forward.

  • Host Webinars

Your tech company exists to meet a certain need. It’s assumed that you know much about the need and can tell others how to address it even without help from your products and services. You need to provide the information through webinars to educate the potential leads while positioning your company as another thought leader. Additionally, pique their interests in your products. At a glance, it looks like a one-time opportunity of capturing new leads from your attendee list. This is true for live in-person events but online events are easy to record and archive for future viewings. This means it’s easy to register new attendees and generate leads for days or weeks after an event is done. Remember to follow up after the event to ensure the new leads remain engaged in your business.

  • Collaborate with Influencers

Over 90% of businesses that employ influencer marketing consider it an effective strategy. In essence, influencer marketing is currently booming and is a great technique of lead generation for technology companies. This marketing tactic cannot be neglected no matter the type of business you own. Most technology companies for example Squarespace, Cisco, and Microsoft among others use influencer marketing in their various campaigns.

In influencer marketing, you make a partnership with a blogger or social media influencer to promote your product or service to their audience. The audience is often highly engaged or is similar to yours. Influencers can review your products or services and put up a review on their blog or social media accounts. If followers come across good things written concerning your brand by the person they have trust, they would want to check it out.

  • Strike a balance between gated and ungated content

Technology companies generate leads easily by creating gated content. Think of gated content just like a transaction. This is where you ask leads to make ‘payment’ for premium materials, for example, recorded webinars and white papers using their contact information. For this strategy to succeed, ensure your visitors know what lies behind the gate. Studies have shown that people look for research, visual, or influencer-backed content that has a valuable story. They do not mind or mind the least revealing their contact details in exchange for e-books, white papers, and industry newsletters. However, you cannot just gate all your materials and hope to realize the best. The current debate going on in the marketing cycles is on the pros and cons of gated and ungated content. While gated content generates a fair share of leads for software companies, ungated content can build trust and brand awareness. Hence, good specialists in lead generation for technology companies use the Pareto’s law in which 20% of your audience accounts for 80% of your success. They establish 20% of gated content and the rest is left ungated, thereby achieving record-breaking revenues.


Lead generation for technology companies needs unique strategies to maintain growth while staying competitive in the industry. They need to set the right goals and monitor them in order to realize success in lead generation. B2B tech companies easily generate leads using intent data and by defining customer ideal profiles. Software startups and SaaS get more leads from free trials and freemium product versions and customer success stories on review sites. Other than optimized landing pages that tech companies build, they can build a content marketing funnel that reflects the buyer’s journey and also experiment using short-form videos, direct demos, webinars, and gated content. Apart from lead generation content that helps you grow your business, you can read more about email marketing services, generating social proof notifications, online review management tools, chatbot solutions to capture leads, data extraction, getting the registered domains, and much more at Rubedo.ai.   

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