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How to start a dropservicing business with Rubedo.ai

Rubedo.ai bundle offers one an opportunity for you to start an online business via dropservicing model.

How it works?
Sign up for an unlimited bundle in the listed services and start offering them to other clients at a mark up!

  1. Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is among the most cost-effective marketing services offered by Rubedo. It is easy to manage, ensures you have full control, and allows you to establish direct contact with customers. You should understand much of the successes with email marketing for Rubedo is dependent on the email marketing software. The software is what ensures that emails are delivered. As such, you have to be careful so that you do not end up paying more for fewer marketing features while getting terrible email deliverability rates that could make you lose more money from other providers.

An effective email marketing service has enabled Rubedo to create highly engaging email newsletters whose interface can easily be used. Rubedo email marketing services have made it possible to send bulk emails which are personalized and targeted without difficulties.

Further, Rubedo’s email marketing services have ensured an easy way of managing contact lists, segmenting users into various groups, and tracking the performance of email marketing campaigns. An efficient email service provider ensures your email campaigns do not get into the spam folder.

2. Generating Social Proof Notifications

Social proof notifications generated by Rubedo enable websites to reach out to customers in innovative ways. The notifications target those who have not noticed you had liked, interacted with, or made comments on your website.  A single notification can make social media users feel better inclined to again interact with your website and subscribe to your email newsletter. However, these notifications should not be abused because when they become frequent they are considered spamming.

Social proof notifications can be used in different settings for encouraging pro-social behaviors. The notifications are designed in such a way that they mimic social proof people experience when around others but have not spoken. Again, they offer evidence that other people did the same thing as those viewing the notification. Hence, it can feel rewarding, particularly for those who are skeptical or uncertain about taking or not taking a particular action.

Some benefits associated with social proof notifications include:-

  • Assisting websites to build confidence and trust with their visitors.
  • Creating urgency, building visitors’ trust, and enhancing conversions by at least 10-15% per page.
  • They are fully flexible for various industries for example retail, e-commerce, real estate, and travel.
  • Psychological triggers such as informational messages, latest conversions, and random reviews among others.

3. Online Review Management Tools

In today’s business environment, it’s not just enough to have a great product. With the emergence of online reviews and social media forums, consumers are now brighter and more empowered. They are more resourceful and can make an opinion quickly about your brand and product. As such, you need to be aware that online reviews and testimonials on review sites, social media, and across internet platforms shape the opinion.  For this reason, review management and review collection must be a top priority for any business. You can easily automate the process and consequently free up your time for some other tasks using the online review management tools offered by Rubedo.

Some of the reasons why you need to invest in online review management tools are:-

  • Save time

Time is an important and valuable asset and any action that saves it is always welcome. Review management creates and maintains your brand’s positive image and name. Putting it aside due to inadequate time can crack your business. All the available review management tools have been designed to save you time, collect reviews from various sites in real-time, send the review requests, manage customer feedback collected, monitor reviews, and effectively manage customer interactions from a single place.  

  • Give your brand authority

More than 88% of consumers use online reviews just as much as they rely on personal recommendations. This means consumers often search through Google and other social media platforms before they can make a purchase. For these reasons, you want to ensure great customer experiences, as well as shiny star ratings, is what they can find. 

As such, pay more attention to customer feedback and get the most from the best reviews. Carefully chosen reviews on your website emit strong trust signals and influences customer decisions on conversion. Hence, these tools make you trustworthy while giving you high authority towards your brand.

  • Ranking you higher

A wanted brand should also be visible and people always look at Yelp, Google, or Facebook when they need to purchase.  You need to know that search engines are always passionate about reputable websites and brands. They have specific algorithms, ranking, and indexing ways. Therefore, a good reputation helps you earn favor from the algorithms and get into the top position. A well-managed online review remains key to optimization.

  • Becomes your social proof

People today depend on third-party reviews when making purchasing decisions and rely on various recommendations even from total strangers. Businesses should always strive to collect customer reviews and feedback. Ideally, there is massive reviews demand and with knowledge of their power, customers do not hesitate to offer feedback, positive or negative. Thus, online review management ensures customers see the quality of your service and its social proof. It’s a delicate issue that any business should ensure total control.

4. Chatbot solutions to capture leads

Digital services are in high demand and customers are interacting with businesses outside business hours with expectations of finding solutions without delay. Additionally, marketing teams are actively looking for new ways of optimizing customer experiences to boost their online lead generation. This is where chatbot solutions to capture leads offered by Rubedo come into play.

Chatbots offer a conversational way where businesses can convert website traffic into sales-qualified leads and provide support 24/7. They automate conversations between businesses and customers. Build on machine learning and AI or through simple drag-and-drop interfaces, they use a conversational approach to gather information from customers and guide them to the buying process or qualify leads.

6. Data extraction; getting the registered domains

Rubedo provides you with over 100k newly registered domains and most importantly, the contacts of these people.These newly registred domains means they will most likely launch a website and one can offer all the services that are associated with a new website.

7. Lead Generation-Getting new emails

Lead generation service means the collection of leads. It’s the gathering of information on the potential customers, for example, name and email address. However, email lead generation strategy goes beyond the lead capture forms considering it must incorporate a strategic nurturing of leads and transform them into customers.  

An email lead generation approach is important for businesses that want to grow their customer base while generating more sales. And with no effective system to gather leads, a business will struggle in the process of making sales and growth. The right plan of attracting leads nurtures your audience and guides them to ultimate conversion from a prospect to a paying customer. Moreover, research has shown over 48% of marketers consider email marketing as the most effective strategy for generating online leads.
Rubedo will allow you to get database of millions of business and their emails.

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