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How to do B2B Saas Lead Generation

How people buy goods and services today has changed. Customers may not be influenced by those flashy adverts but spend more than 57 percent of their time on online research before they even decide to contact you. It means your focus should be on developing lead generation strategies that would give them what they may want. Such a strategy ensures you’re on top of their mind when they start considering whom to buy from. There are many lead generation approaches targeting saas startups that you can employ to get new leads for your website and subsequently convert them into sales, eventually.  A lead refers to persons showing interest to have your product or service in a form or shape but not yet ready to make a purchase. This means you have to educate and nurture them to convert them into customers. As you start creating a strategy of lead generation to suit your SaaS startup, a goal is what should drive you. This is not just a goal but S.M.A.R.T goal-specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, and time-bound. They are the attributes that make goals clear and even achievable. You set SMART goals because they serve to guide those involved in creating the right steps to achieving them. Therefore, this is how to do B2B Saas Lead generation:-

  1. Tracking your lead Generation Strategy’s KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are the parameters that play a significant role in checking the performance of your efforts in a lead generation against those SMART goals you have set. KPIs tell you which strategy works and the ones that should be improved or adjusted. Through this, you can figure out what should be done to improve your lead generation and business model. As such, you’re better placed to generate more leads that will enhance your brand. The most obvious lead generation KPIs that you should track include:

Organic traffic– It is the best traffic you need to get to your website. This is made of those who get to the site as they search for solutions to their problems or issues

Traffic-to-lead ratio-It informs about the rate of a direct, organic, search engine, social media, paid traffic, and referrals to your site converted into leads. Essentially, there should be a direct ratio between the traffic to your website and the lead conversions. This means new leads should increase as traffic to your website increases. When there is more traffic going to your website but few leads, it’s an indication that you should audit the site’s user experience.

Landing page conversion rates-It informs you about the traffic that visits the landing page of your site converting into new leads.

Clickthrough rate-A KPI that tells you about the numbers clicking on the link on your email or landing page in order to learn what you’re offering more and the link that performs the best.

Bounce rate-The bounce rate in your site is a key KPI since it informs you about the numbers leaving your site without even visiting the other pages. It is a KPI you do not need to have a high number. The lower the site’s bounce rate, the better since it means you have captured your audience’s attention and they’re ready to learn.

Cost per lead-Just as the name suggests, this KPI informs about how much to invest in human resources, technologies, and any other resources you require in generating an extra lead.

Various software programs can assist you in measuring your lead generation KPIs. For instance, Databox tracks growth marketing ROI for being the best and among the most reliable analytics tools.

  • Getting Customers to Bring SAAS Leads to You

Despite its minimal budget, Dropbox is worth billions. It’s also the poster company that is ‘viral’ referral marketing and considering the growth metrics, you can see the reasons. For instance, in September 2008, it had 100K registered users and in December 2009, the registered users were at 4M. Data for December 2017 showed 33.9 Million. Further, you may not need a referral marketing campaign to go viral to generate leads. During your launch phase, use referral marketing in accelerating growth and acquiring new users for your minimum viable product (MVP). After you have referred new customers to your free trial, reward the users with premium feature unlocks as well as more time enjoying the trial. As an upcoming Saas company, do not underestimate the value attached to building referral-friendly trials.

  • Getting Chatbots to generate leads for you

For a Saas startup, you could struggle juggling sales, marketing, and customer support. Because of the high volume of support queries and repeated questions, it’s possible to spend too much time doing the support role rather than generating leads. And in order to cover for the limited support team, you can turn to an AI chatbot to streamline your customer support as well as the sales process using pre-written resolutions to the common questions.

Chatbots reduce the average response time, generate more leads, and can result in 60% more revenue. Again, 9 out of 10 high-value leads use the chat system before they decide to buy.

Live chat software has been used in replicating in-store customer experiences online. For a startup or small team, no bandwidth of dealing with multiple complex requests at the same time. It can damage the customer experience and plunge revenues. Saas companies beginning from startups to the industry leaders use AI-powered chatbots to support, score and generate leads.

  • Hack Saas Review Sites to Expand your Reach

Buyers engage vendors early in their journey.  During the research phase, 71% admit to having accepted a contact request from a potential vendor. Additionally, 92% of B2B buyers use online reviews as a way of informing their purchasing decisions. For this reason, the power of presence on the review sites cannot be ignored. This means it’s important to show buyers your product at the point when they’re searching for solutions that you can offer.

Establishing your presence on the review sites is a long-winded process. And in order to do it with speed, you should follow the 3-hacks Cloudapp that goes from zero to 275 reviews in 6 months which will make you feature in the G2’s top 100 list of software companies. Start by reaching out to the active users of the product you offer in terms of money and time, give an NPS score of at least 8 or higher, and constantly review you on Google or any other sites.

  • Developing High-Value Relationship with Social Selling

Research has shown that 78% of social sellers often outsell their peers. Additionally, they are likely to get sales opportunities that help them hit their quota. Social selling for a B2B Saas company can be likened to a “lite” version of account-based marketing. Here, you still research and reach out to leads, develop connections with several decision-makers, and prioritize long-term and profitable relationships over short-term sales. However, social selling happens on a smaller scale within the social media platform. You can deploy social selling instead of expensive account-based lead generation campaigns. Hence, do b2b saas lead generation by setting up custom feeds that track web visits from social media accounts of high value. As a way of generating more leads through social selling, pose quick opinions or round-up questions. Such content will most likely go viral and be shared by the industry leaders. Also, you can generate more leads by congratulating your lead’s accomplishments and milestones. You can take your time and add a thought-provoking comment on the client’s content and do a social selling index (SSI) review.

  • Creating Content that Carries Your Company DNA

For B2B Saas companies, content marketing is one of the most effective lead generation strategies. This is what shaped HubSpot to become the multi-million brand as is known today. Again, content marketing increased the organic traffic of Ridester by 487%. It rescued Groove when it was on verge of startup death and effectively guided it to become a $5 million company. However, content marketing has and continues to evolve. Ideally, standard content may not cut the mustard since the web is filled with rehashed 1000 word how-tos, and writing another may not attract users. Thus, as a way of generating B2B leads using your content, follow the leaders in the industry, and carve unique content that your brand could generate. You can find a unique angle on content marketing angle and double down on it.


Saas lead generation should not be a struggle. The dazzle that comes with a new product may not be long enough to attract attention and generate leads. Today, competition has risen in B2B Saas, compared to 5 years ago when Saas startups would face on average 2.6 competitors. Founders are now facing 9.7 competitors or even more. By employing the above proven lead generation strategies, Saas companies will help their products or services stand out particularly in front of savvy buyers spoiled for choice. These strategies can be considered bread and butter for an effective lead generation program but it is also smart if your tried new things.

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