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How to do automotive lead generation

Leads are everything when running an auto dealership. When you have leads, car sales can zoom past all barriers in the industry. Additionally, you should be in a slow lane if you’re still using old methods or rely on traditional ways of getting auto leads to drive car sales. Traditional methods no longer work because many customers prefer searching online. For this reason, you have to change tract and get ready to meet the demands and expectations of the new-age customers. Again, you should consider the evolving trajectory of the majority of auto searches and understand why auto-makers prefer automotive lead generation off the web. Further, be ready to take care of the net-savvy and social media browsing car audience. Prepare for digital and do away with the conventional. The advantage of automotive lead generation is that you won’t suffer for tips and ideas. The following strategies can help you drive automotive lead generation.

  1. Offer Valuable Content for Contact Information

Nowadays, you need to re-write your playbook in order to get leads, particularly from the young audience. Additionally, be aware of the latest automotive lead generation tricks and tips as a way of staying ahead of the competition. Offering content for contact details is now a proven approach to increase quality leads and sales. Through this approach, it becomes possible to capture leads everywhere your prospects want to spend time. You get the contacts in form of a phone number or an email so that you can market your leads. Using the “Freemium” approach by offering worthwhile content, ensures the content is well-written, high quality, and necessary for your targeted audience.

  • Hire a Professional CopyWriter

The majority of sales associates and dealership managers write their copy for sales letters and ads. However, most of the top performers depend on professional copywriters who can give their copies an edge. Ideally, copywriters with dealership marketing experience are aware of most sales tricks and tips that ensure prospects act.

  • ADs and Retargeting ADs

Ads assist you in reaching people who may not have heard about you. It becomes crucial especially when up against a lot of competition in your local area or a competitor dominating your market. Social ads and Google ads often offer laser-focused targeting capabilities while allowing you to run specific campaigns for certain groups of people. Thus, you can get the best results through segmentation of your audience and giving them ads depending on specific needs. The unique needs could be the type of car they are interested in, returning or new customers, and demographic information such as age and location. You may want to use lookalike audiences in targeting those similar to your existing customers and retarget leads from your email list using relevant content and offers that ensure they remember your product even as you ramp up your efforts in automotive lead generation.

  • Sync New Customers with Your Lead Management Platform

Managing leads could become a nightmare, particularly when there are from different sources and making contact in different formats. Ensure you are not sending messages to the wrong people or missing potential conversions through management of leads in one place using a car dealer lead management software. Integration of car dealer lead management platforms with Dealersocket, Vinsolutions, or Elead can help you update your customer preferences based on your interactions, interests, and behaviors. Through this approach, you provide your contacts with a personalized experience.

  • Run a Referral Campaign

Recommendations from friends and family members are very powerful. It’s what has made referral campaigns very effective. If you give existing and loyal customers incentives for their recommendations, you can easily cement their trust while getting new leads. You may want to offer a free test drive, discount, or freebie as a referral campaign strategy.  

  • Ensure the Dealership Website is Mobile Friendly

Young buyers would most likely want to visit the website using mobile devices. For this reason, ensure your dealership website is mobile-friendly. You can do this by using short paragraphs, avoiding much of small types on your page, and ensuring the site responds to mobile browsers.

  • Sponsoring local organizations and cross-promoting with other businesses

You have to ensure your business is out, particularly to the local community. An effective way of keeping the dealership’s name out and visible is by sponsoring local professionals, a college, a high school as well as an amateur sports team. Again, you may sponsor festivals and charity run among others. Further, look for opportunities to cross-promote with other businesses in your locality.  For instance, you can offer free gift cards at the local restaurant while a customer gets a test drive in return.

  • Re-establish contact with Lost Prospects.

Re-establishing contact with lost prospects can help in your automotive lead generation efforts. As you close sales, several prospects visit your dealership, and take test drives but do not make any purchase. By re-engaging the lost prospect, you can easily turn those leads into sales. Using enticing offers helps heat up the leads. And if prospects are not interested, ask them for the names and contact details of those who could be interested.

  • Have your sales persons conduct several sales calls per day

Highly performing dealers do not wait until leads find them. Every member of the sales team makes at least 10 sales calls daily. These calls are based on automotive lead generation from the dealership website. Making ten calls per day for every member can translate to thousands of dollars in the form of increased sales.

  1. Run a pay-per-click (PPC) Campaign

PPC campaigns have proven effective in generating leads. Ad platforms on Facebook, Google, or Twitter ensure you can geo-target or “interest target” the audience. For best results, engage a person with experience in PPC campaigns. Ideally, a PPC specialist split tests your ad campaigns, gets the right targeting, and lowers the overall cost per lead.

  1. Offer Online Chat Support

Most customers in buy mode develop last-minute objections, more so when making large purchases such as a car. Thus, do not give them a lot of work in finding answers to questions or run the risk of them finding a new seller. Implement a live online chat or chatbot that sends answers to common questions or that addresses in-the-moment objections and at the same time collects those pre-warmed leads.


If implemented rightly, the above strategies can help produce results that can overwhelm you through an influx of new leads. However, you should be ready to organize the prospects to increase your rate of conversions. You can do this using a CRM that offers multiple and different integration options for automotive lead generation. Also, you can sync customer data to ensure their information is updated while changing it according to preferences and interests. Automate customer management by connecting marketing data with CRM in order to monitor customers’ behavior while creating personalized experiences. Sync the new leads by turning your social media followers into leads by syncing up your new leads with the CRM. Therefore, automotive lead generation is important. A constant stream of incoming prospects is needed to keep your business going and at the same time increase the conversion rate and revenues.

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