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Growth Hacks Instagram


Everyone would want to grow on Instagram and the secret of doing this lies in the engaged following. Having many followers on Instagram is considered meaningless if such followers have no interest in your message. If you have the cash to burn, you can boost your followers by getting a few bots, however, such bot-followers do not establish an engagement. Essentially, Instagram algorithms prioritize the posts within the user’s feeds but on basis of the accounts that users interact with mostly. In the event that your account is more equivalent to a ghost town with followers who remain disengaged, the algorithm will not be interested. Thus, before you give big companies a responsibility of promoting your product, there is a need to take another step back to ensure you got a fanbase. Below are some Instagram growth hacks that can ensure a loyal customer base.

User Influencers Quotes

You may have encountered those Instagram accounts which post quotes randomly. Mostly, they are not influencer’s quotes but phrases written causally by Instagrammers. Again, there isn’t anything wrong with it if they are not mentioning another person’s name.

The use of social media influencer quotes provides social proof and authenticity because most people are aware of their influencers. However, there is much more than just posting on Instagram and writing quotations.  Whenever you use an influencer’s quote, ensure you have taken care of the following issues:

  • Do not rely on other people’s citations, instead go through their blog posts, videos, or books if your intention is using influencers’ quotations.
  • Ensure to keep a reference of where a quote was taken from. This is because a question might arise about where you got it from. It is good if you provide the source when asked to do so.
  • Your Instagrams post should be top-notch since there is more impact if the Instagram feed stands out. This can be achieved by creating a catchy grid layout on the Instagram profile.
  • Tag your influencer’s in your post. They will realize you are highlighting their content, which gives them exposure without paying for it. This builds a connection with influencers.

Foundr is one of the top systems that use influencers’ quotes on Instagram. They create good content on Instagram through the influencers’ quotes and have always done it right. The design of the posts is good, tags the influencers, and exposes the influencers.

Grow your Instagram Account through Cross-promoting

If your desire is to enhance your Instagram followers, you need to take the advantage of each opportunity available in promoting your own account. Ensure to follow on some popular hashtags within the niche you operate. By following the hashtags, those posts tagged together start to show up in your feeds, the same way it does when you have followed an account.

The advantage lies in easily scrolling through, liking, and commenting about the posts. Additionally, you can repurpose videos on Instagram for YouTube and vice versa. Do this by trying to upload the Instagram videos on YouTube, by linking them to and promoting the Instagram account. For instance, IGTV is currently supporting horizontal videos as well. You may want to take the contents from the YouTube channels and upload them easily onto the IGTV.

Further, you should work through complementary brands and especially brands doing similar business but are not in direct competition. For example, PopSugar Fitness YouTube channels features and shares content from the Sweat, which is a fitness app. The two brands do fitness business but do not compete directly with one another.

Point onto the Instagram profile whenever you have a chance. You should consider the addition of prominent icons onto the website in order to ensure visitors can click through and access your own Instagram account.  

Start Conversations in the comments

The majority of influencers do not appear in the section of comments where they can directly talk to followers. They go through comments but few will take their time to respond to these comments. You might have seen people who begin popping up on social media platforms, adopting a behavior of not responding to their fans, which is a terrible thing indeed.

There lies an immense opportunity for growth if you value comments. Ideally, comments on Instagram increase the engagement on your account and if a platform notices a surge in the engagement of different posts in an account, it begins putting the account on the pedestal.

The main reason for this is understandable. Social media platforms prefer accounts that keep people glued to their site. For this reason, they further increase an account’s organic reach, bringing more attention to your platform. Hence, starting a conversation in the comments is considered a great strategy particularly in starting an engagement on a platform and building connections with followers.

Use Instagram Paid Advertising

At a glance, it does not seem worth investing in paid advertisements compared to growing audiences through organic efforts. This is necessary because the social media landscape and its algorithms are changing continuously. Instagram offers opportunities through paid adverts to expand your targeted audience to those demographics who may not be familiar with your brand. The platform is precise and provides formats that include standard photos and videos, Story ads, and carousel posts. Instagram continues to post substantial revenues each year, strongly suggesting the social media platform is a worthwhile tool for any business that wants to expand its portfolio. 

Thus, investing in paid advertisement helps accomplish certain marketing goals for instance building brand awareness and the ultimate goal of converting sales.


The above Instagram growth hacks have received the attention of Instagrammers and social media experts. However, experts have recommended that you look for those successful people and incorporate their success stories, secrets and start using them. This means you can take away some of their tried and tested strategies and apply them in their winning approach. The reason why people do not grow on Instagram like influencers is that they do not adapt their strategies over time. Influencers continuously experiment with their content, post schedule, live streams, and stories. Hence, the suggestion is to analyze and refresh your Instagram account in line with current strategies as you work on growing your Instagram business profile.

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