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Growth Hacks for Startups


There are unique growth hacking strategies for startups you can use to grow your business. The strategies are more effective in helping your startup venture or business acquire more customers, establish brand recognition and sell products or services. Before diving into growth hacking strategies, there is a need to define growth hacking, how it works and why it’s considered effective in helping grow your business. Growth hacking refers to the practice of experimenting with some unique and different strategies that help to effectively grow your existing or startup business. The growth hacking process involves tweaking your development process, marketing mix, customer acquisition strategy, operational changes, engineering process, data, and analytics to find ways of improving and growing your business. Changes can often be quick and small but can yield large and positive results for a business or startup. As such, growth hackers must work quickly and effectively in order to yield great and positive results for a company. It’s referred to as “hacking” because the growth hacking process is about finding cost-effective and quick methods of growing various business components instead of using traditional methods of growth which consume a lot of resources and time. For startups, growth is everything. The following growth hacks can assist you in setting your business up for success even when it has just been launched.

Build a pre-launch Email and Contact List

It’s recommended that you start building your email list of email contacts with an interest in your business when you are ready for launch. This way, you set yourself up for business success post-launch. Email is one of the most valuable ways of reaching your target audience since you have full ownership and control of your email list. Unlike social media platform which decides whether your content is worth showing, email allows you to send whatever messages you want to your lists when you want. As such, build a list before you launch your business. Some of the common ways that can help you find customers interested in your products and build a list include eBook downloads, giveaways, and free trials.


Giveaways can greatly assist in building the interest of your brand as well as your email list. Essentially, you want the “prize” to remain big so that people can willingly share their contact information. However, it should be relevant to the niche you operate if possible. An example of giveaways is Omaze which gives away huge prices but at the same time builds a massive email list to help continue to raise money to support charities.

eBook or Resource Download

Offering an eBook as an exchange for a person’s email address provides an opportunity of providing value to potential customers and at the same time grow your email list.  And if the eBook assists in solving a problem with your target audience, it’s a chance to build trust with your brand. After your ebook has been downloaded, you need to continue providing value through email. Talk about the industry trends or even provide tips about businesses or people you might in the future work with.

Free trials

Free trials get your feet on the floor with your potential customers but should be strategically implemented. If customers just sign up for free trials, using your product then canceling their plan, it won’t assist in growing your business.  You need to keep some exclusive features to a paid version of your product and allow those free versions to display the best parts of your tool or app. Again, if someone has signed for a free trial, it means they could be interested in a paid version, only that they want a better idea about the product workings. And if you have exchanged email addresses for a free trial, continue marketing to them until they have signed up for a paid version

Product and Platform Integration Growth Hack

Establishing your user base from the scratch is time-consuming. For this reason, some startups engage other platforms in attracting highly targeted users looking for similar products or services. For instance, if you plan to create a platform or service to sell online courses and lack clients, you can distribute your courses on those platforms with a flow of users.

You can publish your course on platforms like Skillshare, Udemy, and YouTube to attract users back to your website. It’s also known as a platform/product integration growth hack. These platforms have a massive base composed of active users whom you can effectively tap into and start interacting with.

Build a social media community around your brand

Social media is a popular platform for spreading your brand voice to the masses. You can introduce your brand through these platforms, interact directly with your audience, receive feedback, communicate with influencers in your industry, and understand your competition. Hence, it gives you an opportunity of building a community of people with the same views.

Thus, before launching your product, create groups and forums on various social media platforms to promote your business. Do this by updating interesting posts, creating a buzz, arranging contests, broadcasting your ads, and creating and joining similar groups.

Leverage Q&A Sites like Reddit and Quora

Promoting a business via social media and interacting with your audience on your products and services is now common. It’s undoubtedly an effective way of reaching the masses. However, excessive usage of social media marketing for your business creates a hole in a customer’s mind. Additionally, customers become confused and cannot decide when confronted by such a crowd of massive advertisements.

Sites like Reddit and Quora can help you out by introducing your business in such an innovative way. Search for queries that relate to your business, join the conversation and ensure your product can serve your client’s demand. Moreover, broadly explain how your products can effectively meet their demand.

Again, Reddit offers you an opportunity of networking with your desired community. It provides a big chance of getting connected to your audience where you introduce your business on the global stage.


Growth hacking strategies are necessary inside your startup.They provide alternative ways of bringing in customers, establishing brand recognition, and selling products and services. Hence, startups should try different strategies quite often and ensure they measure their results in order to gain an accurate idea about what works and what doesn’t. Small and subtle changes in your business processes and marketing strategies can largely impact your bottom line overall. Rubedo.ai is a good place that can help one grow their start up, through it one can get the following; Email Marketing Services, Generating Social Proof Notifications, Online Review  Management Tools, Chatbot Solutions to Capture Leads, Data Extraction; Getting the registered domains, Lead Generation (Getting New Emails of Companies and individuals) and much more.

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