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Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

All financial advisors seek to maximize their returns on investment. Some prefer the old ways. Email marketing has continued to rise to the occasion particularly from 2020 effectively realizing 44:1 returns on investment. Very few other platforms have the ability and power to reach customers and even acquire new leads. The basics of email marketing for financial advisors can ensure you start it right. These basics look at why use email marketing, how you can acquire leads, the onboarding of prospects, tips on conversion, and the maintenance of relationships with existing customers. Email campaigners help build a powerful and lasting business relationship by working with customers from the time they join your list. The most important thing is staying in contact throughout the customer lifecycle via well-crafted content, newsletters, and engaging campaigns. 

Email Marketing for Financial Advisors

The financial services industry is a relationship business and this relationship can be cultivated in a great way through email. For this reason, there is a need to take advantage of email marketing. The internet has and continues to transform the way we do business with emails becoming a preferred form of communication, especially when dealing with the internet. Email marketing is easy to use, low-cost, and quick. Using an email newsletter, you can reach thousands of people and get responses within minutes. Email marketing can deliver a return of 4,300% because it’s inexpensive. It allows you to build relationships with your audience with content that would keep you top of your mind while encouraging referrals. Correct email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing channels you can use.  

The following tips can help build trust with your subscribers and even land you more clients.

  1. Checking how often you’re Emailing

One important tip for a financial advisor’s email marketing strategy is checking how often you are emailing. The more often you keep in contact with your email list, the more is your email engagement rate and the email subscriber retention rate. You need to find a healthy balance because by emailing your list often, you could end up bugging your email subscribers causing them to unsubscribe. Moreover, if you fail to email them enough, there is a risk of subscribers losing interest in your services.

To find the right sending frequency of emails for starters, look at the data available in the financial advisory industry. If there is data around establish how many people like receiving weekly vs. monthly vs. daily emails and utilize it. Additionally, you can figure out the right sending frequency by observing your rate of subscription. If you realize frequent unsubscribing or requests of being taken off the email list, the reason could be that your emails are coming too often. If that’s so, try sending your emails less frequently to see if the unsubscribe rate can improve.

The most effective way of determining how often you should email your list is by simply asking your subscribers how often they can hear from you. There is a need to email your recipients with many options, for instance, hearing from you on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis.  And if you use an email service provider, ESP, ensure you have a checklist embedded right in the email that tags a user’s preference as soon as they have selected it. Hence, this tactic can allow your subscribers to choose how often they should get emailed. This can boost your click and open rates as the emails hit their inboxes. 

Writing Personal Emails

One of the most important things you should keep in mind on the issue of financial advisor email marketing is to write personal emails. It could be tempting to send generic emails to all those on your list. However, by doing this you lose that chance of personally connecting with your subscribers. As a profession, financial advising relies on relationship building, hence you should form that personal connection with your subscribers if possible. Writing personal emails boosts your overall strategy significantly. As a financial adviser, you should gain your subscriber’s trust by showing them the best person who can manage their finances. This can only be achieved if you establish a personal connection. When using an ESP, there are multiple ways of personalizing an email, including populating such things as your subscriber’s name, location, and age. This information makes the email seemingly more targeted and personal.

Having a lead capture form on your website

Give something valuable in exchange for the respondent’s contact information. It can be a newsletter, a video, a white, or a seminar paper. For example, at the moment I am offering a free e-book that can work pretty well for you.

Segmenting your List               

You may not send relevant and personal content to your clients if you do not segment your list. Segmentation can be done by qualifying and filtering upon sign-up. This means those who should sign up to your email are people within your niche.

Including a way for people to unsubscribe

It sucks whenever someone unsubscribes but it will always happen in email marketing. Freeloaders will always be there, so include an opt-out option in your email campaigns.

See what others are doing

You should spare some time to sign up for some newsletters from the competition. This can make you draw some inspiration and do yours even better. Emails received from other financial advisors serve as an example of what you should not do.

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Email marketing for financial advisors provides quality leads at low expense. And with the right content, email allows you to build credibility while turning leads into customers. Essentially, marketing platforms help you craft content or decide on the right campaign for the service you offer. Through constant contact, you provide extensive financial email marketing assistance using various online tools. Other services Rubedo.ai offers include how you can generate social proof notifications, online review management tools, chatbot solutions to capture leads, data extraction, getting the registered domains, and much more.

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