Email Marketing Checklist: What You Must Check


Email marketing refers to a kind of marketing that ensure the customers you have on your email list are aware about your new products, the discounts you offer and any other services. This is a softer sell that educates the audience about your brands value and keeps them engaged in between purchases. However, it can mean anything in between. Essentially, email marketing checklist and checklist email marketing can be your ticket to a successful campaign. Dodgy designs, vague CTAs, broken links and wrong recipient make your email marketing campaign a non-starter. There is a lot that might go wrong with your email, hence launching a campaign with no clear strategy will lead to errors which could be costly. That is why email marketing checklist becomes important. The 8-point email marketing checklist below can be your ticket for a successful campaign.

  • Clean up your contacts
  • An effective email marketing campaign begins with a list.  For this reason, it should be the first thing on your checklist for the campaign as well. For your email lists, quality becomes important than quantity since there’s absolutely no need of kicking off a campaign that will go straight into a recipient’s trash or worse still, junk mail.

    Start by cleaning up those contacts you should not send to such as non-opt-in contacts or persons who have not agreed explicitly to get marketing emails from you. Additionally, do away with invalid email addresses, often because of typos.

    Removing invalid addresses will save you the wasted email sends and aid deliverability. People who have not agreed to receive messages from you would most likely unsubscribe and mark as spam any emails from you. It is bad for your reputation just like a high rate of bounced emails.

    • Prime your list

    After you have established whom you should not send to, you can work on targets and how to attain them. Successful campaigns often tailor your content to different segments or subscribers. It improves on the click-through rates because your email becomes more relevant to the recipients. As such, email marketing tools with features such as contact segmentation makes life easier.  

    • Define your goal

    Once you have decided on the target audience, what follows is the value they will get by associating with your brand. It can be special offers and solutions to the problems they currently face. You need to package your email with value and ask your reader to do what you require of them. This is referred to as call-to-action (CTA).

    By offering several options you improve your probability of clicks but there’s a risk of overwhelming your subscribers, something that might make them switch off for good. For this reason, maximize your rate of conversion and put your CTA center and front while making sure all links and button lead to that particular objective.

    • Perfect your copy

    Next you need to up the email check list and content. The key to an effective copy of email is to keep is simple and short. Do not work with long sentences and complicated terminologies. Ensure your text can be read easily. This can be achieved using headings, lists and paragraphs.

    Simple does not mean soulless.

    The tone of an email is based on your own brand but a more effective email copy should always be personal. An easy and better way of adding character is the use of a well-placed emoji.

    Your focus ought to be the reader and not your organization. It is even better to address your reader using their names when your email marketing tool contains personalization features.

    • Follow design best practices

    Catch the eye of your audience through a design that appeals to them. You can think of a newsletter layout to draw your CTA attention and maximize on your clicks. Again, images can make your email more appealing.

    You design should resemble a smaller screen on your mobile device and the easiest way of doing it is by starting from the responsive HTML email template. Further, you may even realize that your services for email marketing come with a ready-to-use and free template. Hence, you may need to adapt your chosen template in order to fit the fonts, colors, and the logo for your brand.

    • Package your email for opens

    Upon production of a perfect email design and content you should ensure your subscribers create interest of opening it. To have the right impression, ensure the QA checklist contains the subject line for your email, preview text, and email sender. Following the best practices especially for this three key elements will significantly increase the open rate for your campaign.

    • QA your final email

    When you have the campaign ready, you should audit the email while proofreading for possible mistakes. Some of the key things that you should confirm before sending the email are: spelling, grammar errors and typos, incorrect and broken links and personalised contents.

    You need to preview the campaign particularly the emailing platform. You may want to send test email. This is an appropriate time of checking how the email appears on devices such tablets, mobile phones and desktops as well as email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, and IOS mail.

    • Hit send on your campaign

    Not that fast, wait a bit

    Timing is everything in email marketing. Think carefully on when subscribers ought to receive your message. Many platforms would allow you to schedule the email at a time and even day that you prefer.

    There are several factors that affects your ideal email sending time. One factor is whether a subscriber is your consumer or a business and their time zone. What can work for a particular person might not work for the other. It would be better if you used send time optimization tools tailored for each recipient.


    There is nothing good in an email list if you lack proper knowledge in formatting an email. If your intent to build an engaging email list, show off professionalism in your emails. People will not consider you serious if your emails do not reflect such. Learn how to format your email and customize the email templates so that they could into your branding. You should learn to write like a professional. Consequently, learn more about spam folders and how to avoid them. The words you have chosen as subject lines might cause email spam filters to assume your campaign is fake or spam.