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E-Commence Growth Hacks


Growth hacks describe a straightforward approach in which the strategies you develop or implement should be centered on driving growth. Growth hacking shows how technology start-ups and online services get new users and is helpful in e-commerce. By relentlessly focusing on growth, it becomes easy to develop and run campaigns, tests, and programs that can significantly drive sales online. The following are some of the most effective e-commerce growth hacks.

Highlighting what customers think

Even the best marketing efforts and well-designed ads and brand stories may not be effective or convincing compared to recommendations from other customers. Ratings, word of mouth, and testimonials are powerful tools considering buyers often rely on social proof. Also, there is a psychological phenomenon in which it’s assumed that other people’s actions and beliefs are more reliable.

Customers prefer to hear from others particularly on their experience about a product before they decide on purchasing. It makes them gain confidence because it’s not possible to examine or even handle an online product in person. Therefore, you may begin showcasing your buyer’s opinion on a product by adding more customer reviews in your online store.

It’s not advisable to confine yourself to online spaces since they are not the only spaces available for reviews. Adding business ratings onto your homepage and showing buyers how excited people are with your brand can be an effective strategy. Highlighting testimonials is also an effective strategy. This is more personal compared to ratings considering it offers an opportunity of telling buyers an engaging story on their positive experiences while using your product. For this reason, there is a need to highlight testimonials in your online stores, ads as well as email newsletters.

Displaying Social Proof Notifications

A growth hack aims at increasing conversion rate and sales for an e-commerce business. This includes optimizing campaigns for the potential customers, optimization of conversion rate, and relocating digital marketing budget among others.

Essentially, a growth hack should not be taken as another gimmick but should remain a central part of your plan on e-commerce marketing. Again, you can hire a growth marketer or engage an entire team to run experiments that improve your e-commerce conversions.

Displaying social proof is among the greatest ways that e-commerce brands can get more online sales. You can apply a tool like Fomo that displays notifications at the bottom right or left corners of the user screen.

For example, your message can read “John has just bought product Y in San Jose”. The message target is local residents and is based on visitors’ location. Also, you can display scarcity notifications of a product or special promotions targeting your VIP customers.  

Exit-intent Pop-ups

Being an online business person, you want to spend much of your time thinking of ways of driving people to your store. However, the most important task is what you do to catch their attention before they leave your site. You can effectively do this using exit-intent pop-ups. Such pop-ups often capture those web visitors trying to exit the website without making any purchase.

The main objective of the pop-ups is changing the visitors’ minds through actions such as availing your product at a discount or even capturing their email address to nurture them using your sales funnel. You can adopt the following tips as you set up or craft your exit-intent pop-ups:-

  • Concentrating on those offers that users consider enticing whenever they visit your site. In e-commerce, you can start with special discounts that instantly apply to those products you have in the shop.
  • You may want to select those tools that can easily and quickly add exit-intent pop-ups into the website.

Use of solution-focused SEO title

This is another underrated growth hack but can convert more visitors into customers. The title is the first thing that your readers and search engine algorithms see when it comes to your website. As such, you want to ensure the title is eye-catching and has a clear description of what customers should expect as they engage your brand. For instance, instead of focusing on a brand name, you can front-load the page title with a benefit. By doing this, your company stands out from the other boilerplate SEO titles.

This is considered an incredibly good practice unless your business and brand are a household name. For instance, a clothing company Gap might get away with a page title reading “Shop Gap for…” This is because consumers seeking to shop at the company’s online store simply type Gap.com. Not unless an individual is looking for a certain brand and uses non-branded search terms for example, “women’s summer clothing,” the use of solution-focused SEO title boosts your CTR. This is one of Google’s ranking factors

Website loading time

You need to ensure that your page loads in just under 3 seconds. Ideally, slow websites can significantly kill sales. New web visitors and more so those who are not familiar with your brand, do not need an excuse of clicking back.

Research has shown that a one-second delay reduces conversions by at least 7 percent. For this reason, anything as high as 3 seconds can impact your revenues significantly. Hence, you need to increase the loading speed for your website to less than three seconds to generate a 21% conversion bump. You can test the site to get pointers about improving performance through a series of extensive website checks on speed.


A successful growth hacker does not need a uniform strategy. In fact, it’s the opposite. You can experiment with different methods to establish some of the best methods that can increase your sales. The trick in e-commerce growth hacking lies in making quick moves and constantly interacting. Again, ensure you do not attempt new growth hacking tactics aimlessly after a particular approach fails to work. Think about its failure and use the insight for the next move. And with informed and fast growth hacks, you can quickly find how best you can scale your business while increasing your sales. Telling your product story visually can work wonders. Do not stop at the product description, tell the entire product story by including videos and images on how your product is made, the materials used, and packaging.  

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