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Digital Marketing Strategy, An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing.

Digital marketing strategy is the ideal road map for you as a marketer if you intend to streamline your marketing for optimized and measurable results. Common online resources include the practical implementation guides that span paid search, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, email, and more.

Other resources include group activities regularly updated for equipping readers as digital marketing evolves. Digital marketing is a growing subject and spreading its tentacles deep into those processes which organizations have lived by for years. It is aligned simply to the directions of travel in our world today.

Digital marketing as part of key business decisions

You have to make digital marketing part of every major business decision from the development of products to pricing, recruitment, and public relations among other activities. These are exciting times for people in digital marketing. However, most people confuse it with online marketing.

The 21st century has seen many businesses prioritizing the development of their web presence. Essentially, email had become commonplace while technology allowed us to manage it easily. A customer relationship management (CRM) system was available for managing databases.

Then organizations would place banners on their websites, similar to press advertisements. Forward-thinking organizations worked on their search engine strategies. This was online marketing that ushered in online marketing experts and specialists.

What Digital Marketing Strategy has Achieved?

The current revolution being witnessed in social media is significant. It has changed how we used to view the internet and even consumer behaviors. Unprecedented penetration of broadbands increased and continues to increase the usage of the internet, enhanced speed, and user expectations with more than 40 percent of our world currently online. Many countries have already achieved more than 90 percent in online penetration.

Analytics have reached a level where you can easily understand consumer behavior in real-time. It’s possible to establish their usage statistics, demographics, and interests. We know that mobile is now smart and tablets are readily accessible, changes that have ushered in useful apps.

A touchscreen is now common in most devices. Google is a big organization that owns Search worldwide. TVs are now smart while Bluetooth has opened a new level of possibilities. As the population ages, only a small percentage can be considered technophobes, particularly because of age.

Hence, you acknowledge the fact that digital is much more comprehensive compared to those old online channels and should be embedded into all that we do. Most organizations are shifting towards establishing digital marketing sections separate from the marketing departments. For this reason, you need to make digital marketing a critical part of all your marketing activities.

Digital Marketing Strategy

You should consider your digital marketing strategy your company’s approach to success. It helps you establish a firm foundation, attract better traffic, generate leads, and grow the business. It is a path towards better leads for your business particularly through search engines, social media, and email marketing. Through these platforms, you establish reliable digital marketing strategy frameworks that work for you.

Your strategy for digital marketing should ensure you have more potential clients visiting your website. Strive to convert those prospects into leads and consequently into sales.   

As such, digital marketing can simply be defined as online and internet marketing that uses digital tools. It is also referred to as inbound marketing.

The focus of Inbound Marketing

The focus of inbound marketing is creating that customer experience that is anchored on trust and the opposite of outbound marketing. Outbound marketing instruments include billboards, telemarketing, and spam among others. Click to read more on the differences between “inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing.”

You also need to learn that an inbound strategy cannot take place overnight. It’s an entire process.

How Digital Marketing Strategy Works

A custom digital marketing strategy should be anchored on your own business objectives. You then should implement the plan on monthly basis. That plan can be broken into 3 important sections:

  • Attract more prospects. You can get better traffic on your website using content marketing or blogging, email and pay-per-click marketing (PPC), SEO, and social media.
  • Convert More Leads-After gaining more traffic into your own website, you have to convert that traffic from being anonymous website visitors to leads that could be identified.  It can be achieved using irresistible downloadable content offers for example webinars, ebooks, A/B testing, lead nurturing through email, and compelling videos.
  • Close more sales-Leads are not useful to your company if they do not close. Digital marketing tools empower your sales team to close more leads.

The function of digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy will help your audience’s pain points and challenges.  It helps identify the keyword opportunities, and create tailor-made contents that would display your business as the best solution. A good strategy optimizes your content such as video, eBook, or blog. It also builds links with the industry’s thought leaders.

Digital marketing tactics?

Digital marketing is that universal approach whose focus is the impact. It requires an in-house team establishing itself on the front end and guiding various integrations. Combining different tactics allows the creation of a holistic approach that gets leads into your business. Digital marketing tools help establish a solid framework of digital marketing. Some popular digital marketing tactics include:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Webinar productions
  • Content marketing e.g. article writing & blogging
  •  Downloadable content offers, for example, whitepapers, eBooks, Webinars
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Video productions
  • Call to action strategy
  • Landing page strategy
  • Link earning/building
  • Infographic designs
  • Marketing automation
  • Lead Nurture strategies
  • Public relation

A Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

It builds and upgrades your digital marketing framework. It ensures your website and social media platform, email, and CMS is adequate and optimized. A good strategy can help you establish a new website if the previous is not sufficient. It helps curate an email list, and in SEO implementation. A digital strategy should be right in order to maximize the returns on investing (ROI).  

A company’s digital marketing strategy helps it withstand various storms and supports growth. Most marketing frameworks assist create traffic, generating leads, and laying a proper foundation. A strong digital marketing strategy generates brand awareness, drives traffic, and guides lead. It sets your business for lifetime success. Hence, a solid digital marketing framework helps a business to withstand economic downturns and grow effectively.  

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