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Best Digital Marketing Books

Best Digital Marketing Books


Digital marketing has fast changed making it hard to stay ahead of the competition. This territory can be described as a shifting landscape. If it’s undertaken precisely and in line with the best trends and employing a well-suited strategy, digital marketing can guarantee you good returns. Experts accompany their webinar sessions, presentations, and digital marketing with the best digital marketing books to ensure digital marketers have an opportunity to comprehend your success moves. Incorporating digital marketing is currently a need among organizations and brands globally. Advertisers have been conceptualizing, singling out and taking actions, and getting into business for new procedures and new trends in the digital platform. The best digital marketing books hold high ground when channeling information but success affirmation is through a well-suited choice of digital marketing books in digital marketing. And with new digital marketing books emerging every week, it can be a challenge knowing which ones you should give attention to. The following are some of the best digital marketing books that you can give most of your time and attention to.

  1. Digital Marketing: Strategy Implementation & Practice by Dave Chaffey & Fiona Ellis

Dave Chaffey is the composer of various online or digital marketing books such as Digital Business and E-Commerce Management and E-advertisers Bundle among others. He currently lecturers marketing at the Cranfield and Birmingham University. On the other hand, Fiona Ellis doubles as BBC’s scholastic expert and as Open University Business School’s marketing lecturer. Also, she co-author “Standards and Practice of Marketing.” This digital marketing book has practical business examples, contextual analysis, and interviews that ensure perusers can fathom digital marketing in reality. It’s favored because of seeing every section of this kind of marketing and also individuals whose desire is knowing about advertising from its basics and the recent trends. Being among the best digital marketing books, it offers practical directions about how entrepreneurs should acquire the best from digital branding in order to attain their objective in marketing while getting feasible existence, particularly in the business sector which is characterised by hard-hitting rivalry.

  • Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Digital Distraction by Derek Thompson.

Derek Thompson, is a senior editor with Atlantic explores the hidden psychology behind why we like what we like and how the economics associated with mass and cultural markets have been shaping our entire lives. Additionally, Thompson has been analyzing the secret histories of pop culture hits and the science of popularity. And as marketers, you must understand how ideas flow in society from his book which is one of the best digital marketing books.

  • The Social Media Bible: Tactics, Tools, & Strategies for Business Success by Lon Safko.

Lon Safko is the CEO of Innovative Thinking. His digital marketing book known as The Social Media Bible became a hit #1 on Amazon and The Fusion Marketing Bible became a hit #3 on Amazon. The Social Media Bible, one of the best digital marketing books ever is recommended for reading by digital marketing firms, experts, organizations, huge and small business ventures because it has been updated with new procedures, strategies, and data expected to achieve business successes through the social media marketing.

Every tactic and update required in marketing via the Google Search engines, Twitter, mobile marketing, Yammer, plug-ins, gadgets, and applications have been incorporated into the Social Media Bible. 

  • Hacking Growth: How today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown

From Sean Ellis (inventor of growth hacking phrase) and Morgan Brown, this book which is among the best digital marketing books has dived into the origin of growth hacking. Included in the book are countless real-life examples drawn from high-growth companies such as LogMeln and DropBox. Again, the group has been split into two different sections: The Growth Playbook and The Growth Method. Therefore, Hacking Growth is considered a must-read for business owners and entrepreneurs who desire to successfully scale up their business.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing by Simon KingsNorth

The author has demonstrated the process of formulating the best strategy for a business or company through the use of digital marketing techniques. These techniques also incorporate business strategies and established marketing models. They include Porter’s Five Forces, the 7P’s, and Customer Lifetime Value. It is among the best digital marketing books currently available on Amazon and the best-selling guide, 2nd edition, Digital Marketing Strategy. Having been recommended by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, it has used accessible and step-by-step framework that facilitates planning, measurement, and integration of digital platforms and techniques. This assists in the alignment, selection, and management of digital channels.

Some of the topics covered in this digital marketing book include social media, SEO, user experience, content marketing, customer loyalty, personalization and automation, messaging, marketing automation, email, offline and online integration, data protection, AI, and privacy strategy.

Additionally, it has downloadable resources and templates. Hence, this digital marketing book is the right road map for marketers who are keen on streamlining their digital marketing strategies for optimized and measurable results.

  • Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity by Philip Kotler

This digital marketing book covers some of the mass changes currently facing marketers today, significant advances attained in technology and the ever-changing customer behaviors, and shifts in the accepted business models. In a world characterized by increased digitization and automation, Philip Kotler has laid out a guide for both marketers and non-marketers in order to ensure their businesses remain digitally focused.

Marketers can combine common sense and creativity with the ever-growing power seen in digital marketing tools to achieve what Kotler envisions. In his best digital marketing book, he starts by analyzing how various changes create different types of customer behaviors and challenges marketers face as they try to reach the entire market.

The other section has outlined the new and strategic directions that businesses worldwide need to follow and how the present business models can be addressed within the current business environment. The final part of the digital marketing book explores some of the ever-developing technologies that relates to digital marketing including virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

  • The Road to Recognition by Seth Price & Barry Feldman

As one of the best digital marketing books, it displays immense importance associated with branding and personal brands. A thorough guide, this book can provide you with at least 26 lessons on developing a successful personal brands. Further, it displays insights drawn from accomplished business people who have benefitted from their brand.


Many people thinking of advancing their digital marketing career may not consider digital marketing books. However, any marketer should love books because they will help them in advancing their thinking. Again, reading helps in reducing stress and is an amazing brain exercise. Hence, you need to put down your iPad or phone, pick up a book and learn new ideas of super powering your next campaign in digital marketing. At Rubedo.ai you can read more about email marketing services, generating social proof notifications, online review management tools, chatbot solutions to capture leads, data extraction, getting the registered domains, lead generation (getting new emails of companies and individuals), and much more.

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