B2C Email Marketing: Best Practices You Must Apply


Various marketing channels are today available in the world, but the impact that emails have on your B2C marketing campaign is magical. Emails are budget-friendly and can significantly help in building a strong relationship with customers. And to create a customer experience for the next level you should think about reducing the wait times, working on personalized emails, and creating an intuitive web design. However, you may want to think of B2C marketing strategy optimization. B2C email marketing campaigns will assist you in having a deeper connection with the customer. It has proven excellent as a profit-generating asset when properly utilized. But what is B2C email marketing? Refers to strategies and tactics through which a company promotes its products and services to individuals via email. The most common and effective types of emails for B2C marketing purposes include welcome emails, newsletters, emails for a special offer, thank you emails, and lead nurturing emails.

Best practices for B2C email marketing

  1. Focus on different types of customers

Those days when you would send a standard email to all your customers are long gone. Competition is much higher and you need to personalize emails to ensure you do not lose customers to the competition.

Consider and gather various pieces of information from customers including interests, demographics, browsing history, and buying preference among others. You can do this using survey forms and other available methods of data collection. Again, you need to segment the mailing list according to the collected data.

Further, you can decide to add the recipients’ names in the email’s subject line. Research shows that customers are more likely to reward a business that communicates their preference of how their customers can make a purchase.  If this is the time you are beginning your campaign through email marketing, you can experiment using different emailing frequencies and choose that best suits your business.

2. Automate

It may not be possible to send marketing emails to all your subscribers manually. B2C communication allows the use of automation in order to keep your email campaigns smoothly running. Ensure the marketing tool for your email has the automation features you require and of your choice. Some of the reputed providers such as Enginemailer have been equipped with advanced email automation features like

  • Advanced targeting
  • API triggered emails
  • Autoresponders
  • A/B testing
  • Delivery dashboard

The above features would assist you in designing and testing automated email campaigns. Knowing the right time and days for your campaign could be the difference between a recipient being converted and an email being left unseen in the inbox.

3. Optimize the content

 For B2C marketing email, give higher regard to content and ensure its well-crafted and tempting for easy conversions. The first thing your audience notices is the subject line. It is a critical deciding factor that determines your open rate for your emails. Studies have shown a simple emoji on the email’s subject line helped companies increase open rates by at least 56%. 

Upon opening your email, recipients should find it attractive enough to catch their attention. Put a well-designed CTA button and blend it with images and graphics. Some of the factors that would increase your email’s impact include headlines, button size, and image to text ratios, email copy, incentives, and colour.

Consumers nowadays would rather have a straightforward message than twisted email content. You get better results by using a pinch of emotion for B2C campaigns. Some exciting ways of doing it include storytelling through memes, the use of impactful and positive tones, and adding relevant images that showcase the product you want to offer. Others are the use of psychological hacks like social proof and highlighting certain unique benefits you want to offer.

4. Optimize for mobile devices

There has been a significant jump in the number of mobile email users in the last few years, something that email marketing experts have noticed. It’s a clear indication that marketing teams should give more weight to mobile-friendly and responsive email designs.

It can easily be achieved using responsive and functional email marketing tools. Essentially, email marketing software and tools allow for ready-to-use, customizable, and responsive templates that suit your email campaign irrespective of the occasion.  Consider the following for mobile responsiveness.

  • A short subject line
  • Large and visible CTA buttons
  • Easy to read text size
  • Pay attention to the text-image ratio
  • Ensure the message is not overcrowded with text
  • 5. Create a sense of urgency

One prime way of driving sales is by creating a sense of urgency for customers. You can employ the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect or you can use words such as ‘don’t miss out or ‘one time only.

6. Give control to your customers

It is would be wise if you gave your customers freedom as a marketer to choose the marketing messages they want to receive from you. According to GDPR laws, customers must be presented with the option of choosing the kind of marketing messages they want to receive from you. Create a preference page that allows customers to choose the content that best suits them and how often they wish you send them emails. It’s a strategy that at first may seem counterproductive but studies have shown giving customers control can benefit your brand greatly.

7. Create a separate landing page for different campaigns

It would be better if you created a separate landing page for your emails. For instance, if you desire to promote a certain offer on email, create a separate landing page targeting different offers. About 48% of emails with multiple offers seemingly confuse users. A landing page must have limited navigation and the number of exits should also be limited. Ensure the CTA button is clearly visible.  

8. Segment your audience

This helps boost your conversion rate. Studies show the use of segmented email lists results in 39% of marketers experienced higher open rates, at least 24% in greater revenue, and a 28% reduction in terms of unsubscribe rates.  Establishing a separate landing page for various segments is fruitful because it increases conversion rates.

9. Have a well-crafted CTA button

The main goal of any marketing approach you employ is creating conversions. For this reason, your CTA tabs should be clearly visible as well as identifiable in your email.

10. A/B test your landing page

Test your landing page once you have designed them because it’s better to be safe than sorry. Ideally, adding variations to images, graphics, and CTA buttons helps you find what would best resonate with your customers.


Undoubtedly, it is true that companies have made a lot of investment in email marketing to realize tremendous successes, more customer retention, and engagement. Successful marketing campaigns have rewarded marketers with good email marketing fundamentals and conversions they desire. And if correctly done, a B2C business can reap a lot of benefits from email marketing compared to other digital marketing forms. If you’re yet to start your email marketing journey, this is the best time to try what this medium can offer. Try implementing some or all the steps highlighted here for your campaign and you can be sure to reap better results.